These 6 Furniture Trends Will Be Huge in 2024, According to Design Experts

  • November 12, 2023

Hint: You’re going to want to hit up an antique store ASAP.

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Take a quick glimpse into any room in your home and consider what’s one of the first things that you notice. Probably your furniture, right? Pieces like couches, chairs, beds, and tables often take up the most visual real estate in any room, so it’s important to get those picks right. That also means that they’re a great place to experiment with trends, allowing you to transform the vibe of your space with just the swap of a chair or the addition of a side table.

As we close out the year and look to 2024, trends become a natural topic of conversation, especially in the design world. After all, everyone wants to know what to shop for and what pieces we’ll be seeing everywhere in the coming year. To get the lowdown on all the best furniture trends for 2024, we went straight to the source, tapping a slew of design experts to get their take on the pieces you’ll be adding to your wishlist very soon (if you haven’t already!).

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Small-Scale Patterns

Pattern has been in for a while, but homeowners generally tend to stick to safe prints (think: a classic ticking stripe) instead of committing to a bolder pattern. However, that’s all due to change in 2024. Designers predict the furniture industry will be embracing pattern in a big—err, small—way, with bold but bitsy prints covering everything from occasional chairs and ottomans to couches.

We are seeing more patterns being introduced in design, and a nice way to try this is by adding small-scale prints to your furniture pieces,” suggests designer Bria Hammel of Bria

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The Best Early Amazon Black Friday Home Deals: Save on Furniture, Home Decor and More for Fall

  • November 9, 2023

If you want to give your home a cozy feel for the chilly days of fall by upgrading your home decor, you don’t have to break the bank  — especially with Amazon’s impressive early Black Friday deals. From pumpkin-scented candles to rustic and nature-focused decor pieces and even living room seating, Amazon has exactly what you need to give your home a warm touch for the upcoming fall season. 

Just as we fill our wardrobes with fall fashion essentials, we also spruce up our living spaces with home finds that will make our interiors feel more comfy and inviting. Whether you’re in the market for larger furniture items like a leather sofa or coffee table or want to elevate your space with a new rug, contemporary wall art, or beautiful fall-inspired wreaths, there’s a deal to match your personal style. 

We’re eyeing affordable fall decor and furniture with finds starting at just $11. Ahead, shop the best early Black Friday home deals on Amazon. 

The Best Early Black Friday Home Decor Deals

The Best Early Black Friday Furniture Deals

The Best Early Black Friday Wall Decor Deals

The Best Early Black Friday Throw Blanket Deals

Inhand Fleece Throw Blanket

Inhand Fleece Throw Blanket


Inhand Fleece Throw Blanket

This throw blanket is lint free and made of premium microfiber polyester. One Amazon reviewer said, “This throw blanket was my selling point. It’s a nice lightweight fleece, the fabric is very soft, and the hem is sewn well.”

The Best Early Black Friday Rug Deals

For more savings, check out our 2023 Black Friday sales guide to the best deals on tech, holiday gifts, fashion, beauty and more.


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Contemporary Italian Designer Kartell Continues to Innovate After 70 Years in Business

  • November 8, 2023

When family legacy meets excellence, the result is usually iconic and mind blowing. This is the case of Kartell, a family-run plastic contemporary furniture, founded after the Second World War in 1949, and currently run by second and third generation members of the family. As Lorenza Luti, Marketing and Retail Director puts it, the reinvention of Kartell through the years is the secret to how the company has remained successful and competitive in the furniture and interior design industry. 

With over 70 years of innovation and creativity, Kartell is widely regarded as a symbol of progressive Italian design. Describing the core of Kartell’s operations while speaking to Dianna Lammerts on Founder’s Story, Lorenza said “Kartell has always been committed to laying solid foundations for the future, and reflecting them in products that are conceived and manufactured thanks to investments in technological innovation, creative design solutions and new, advanced and sustainable materials.”

Lorenza mentioned that because Kartell’s goal over the past three decades has been to turn plastic into a rich material—something it wasn’t before—the brand has come to be associated with creative plastic usage. Furthermore, the company is up to date with its environmental sustainability goals. As a result, the premium plastic that serves as Kartell’s primary production source is 99% recyclable, meaning neither during nor after production is there wastage or the release of gas or contaminated water. What’s most astounding is that Kartell returns any item or design that doesn’t fit their creative criteria to the machine, where it can be chopped, redone, or transformed into something new. 

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These Clever, Space-Saving Furniture Items Are All Discounted Ahead of Black Friday

  • November 7, 2023

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Small floor plan? Shop multi-use pieces from Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Wayfair.

<p>Real Simple / Madison Woiten</p>

Real Simple / Madison Woiten

With the month capping off on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, November is the best time of year to find big-ticket items like furniture at massive discounts. While furniture is one of the priciest items you can buy for your home, the pieces themselves are not always the biggest. Sometimes, the smaller the better, and when it comes to saving space, more streamlined pieces of furniture with multipurpose use are a strategic way to make the most out of tight corners. Plus, it means more room for holiday decor, like artificial Christmas trees, which are already marked down ahead of Black Friday.

For the best space-saving furniture items, we searched early Black Friday deals and found ten clever items marked down up to 69 percent off from Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Wayfair. Save money on furniture that will enhance your living space while giving you the flexibility you need, like smart sleeper futons and clip-on tables—on sale with prices starting at only $25.

The 10 Best Early Black Friday Space-Saving Furniture Deals

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People are making furniture out of cardboard. It looks like this

  • November 6, 2023

In the wealthy neighborhood of Mayfair in London, Gallery Fumi — a contemporary design space — is showcasing a new collection of furniture. This would be no surprise were it not for the incongruous material these chairs and tables are made from — cardboard.Video above: Watch one woman make a DIY cardboard coffee table”Box” has been designed by British furniture designer Max Lamb, and utilizes cardboard boxes that had been building up in his studio. “I find it very difficult to throw things away”, he said, sitting on one of his creations. He finds beauty, he added, “in rubbish, or things that already exist and have already been disposed of.”Although it is one of the cheapest materials available, and often discarded, cardboard is increasingly being used to create both high-end and affordable furniture. While various designers are experimenting with the material to craft provocative pieces, others are harnessing its potential as a seemingly sustainable option for furnishing your home.Lamb cut, folded, assembled and layered cardboard boxes, and also used the material to create layers of paper maché. What has resulted is an intriguing collection of furniture, that retains elements of cardboard box aesthetics — cubist forms and packaging logos — but develops them with unexpected sculptural molding, compositions and earthy paints.Despite the material’s perception as flimsy, the pieces have been designed to withstand practical use. Their strength results from the way Lamb built up layers of corrugated cardboard — the most impact-resistant kind — and used a glue-like mix of wheat and water.Lamb’s new work fits into an ongoing story of cardboard furniture, with an iconic early example being Frank Gehry’s 1972 “Wiggle Side Chair,” part of the “Easy Edges” series the architect designed which embraced the unexpected strength and sculptural potential of layered corrugated cardboard. As a student, Lamb … Read the rest


Fantasia Furniture Supplies Premium Quality, Modern Furniture Online

  • November 2, 2023

Fantasia Furniture, the leading supplier of modern furniture, stocks a wide range of high-quality, stylish furniture online for homes and offices at affordable prices. They also offer customisable options for selected furniture pieces.

Sydney, NSW – October 31, 2023 – Furniture is the first piece of attraction and takes up most of the space in a home or office. Interesting furniture pieces with stylish features complete the overall look of the home and increase productivity in workspaces. Fantasia Furniture is committed to offering online furniture in Sydney crafted by the leading designers to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of homes or office spaces.

When asked about this, “At Fantasia Furniture, we are committed to supplying elegant pieces of furniture that match any interior design. Whether you are into a minimalistic design or want a classic style, we’ve furniture that exceeds your expectations. We offer a wide range of unique Sydney furniture at attractive prices,” replied the spokesperson of Fantasia Furniture.

He also continued, “Our mission is to ensure your comfort and satisfaction by catering to your furniture requirements with our high-quality goods. We offer you the highest-quality furniture pieces in a variety of colours, designs, and sizes to meet your demands and desires.”

At Fantasia Furniture, they feature different types of furniture, including coffee tables, side tables, desks, recliner suites, storage units, sofas, wing chairs, sofa beds, lounges, dining chairs, dining tables – both round and rectangle, bedroom suites, bedside table, dressers and mirrors, mattresses, massage chairs, massage accessories, and more.

They also offer custom designs for selected furniture pieces. Their furniture for sale in Sydney are made using high-quality materials and are built to last. Their curated collections resonate with contemporary aesthetics, comfort, and durability.

“With Fantasia Furniture, buying furniture online has never been easier. Our user-friendly interface,

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What is Mid-Century Modern Style? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

  • October 30, 2023

A quick lesson on mid-century modern style, including its advent, evolution, and defining traits.

<p>Scott Van Dyke/Getty Images</p>

Scott Van Dyke/Getty Images

At first glance, a mid-century modern home or building may seem fairly straightforward with its simple lines and low profile. Look closer, though, and you’ll quickly see that this style has a way of seamlessly connecting to nature and infusing playful touches throughout. There’s also great appeal in its timelessness, versatility, and strong functionality.

“Mid-century modern’s minimal look and clean lines allow for the design to transcend time,” says interior designer Adriana Hoyos. “It also allows for the design, whether it’s a building, an interior design concept or a furniture piece, to blend well in different places and with different personalities.”

Below, we’re offering a quick history lesson on mid-century modern design and architecture, how it’s changed over the years, and what characteristics set it apart from other types of design.

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History & Evolution of Mid-Century Modern Style

Perhaps one of the most interesting facts about mid-century modern architecture and design is that it didn’t truly originate in the “mid-century.” The style actually dates back to Germany’s Bauhaus era, which was founded by architect Walter Gropius in the late 1910s.

This newfangled “modern style” emerging from Germany slowly began catching on. Scandinavian designers helped catapult it to greater fame in the ‘30s and ‘40s, and by the time the true mid-century hit it was wildly popular across the world.

“Both mid-century modern architecture and interior design became popular during the mid-20th century,” says Hoyos. “They share similar aesthetic goals and traits, characterized by minimalistic designs, and a focus on functionality. They both also emphasize the use of natural materials like wood and an integration with the surrounding environment.”

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7 Accents for a Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

  • October 29, 2023

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Mid-century modern design has seen a resurgence in popularity due to its enduring appeal. With clean lines, organic shapes, and timeless sophistication, it’s a fantastic choice for transforming your bedroom. Whether you’re starting from scratch or updating an existing space, choosing the right accent pieces is crucial for achieving that iconic mid-century modern look.

In this blog, we’ll delve into seven accent pieces and design ideas that can elevate your bedroom’s aesthetic to a mid-century modern masterpiece. From iconic furniture choices to color palettes and decor elements, you’ll discover how to infuse your bedroom with mid-century charm and create a stylish haven of sophistication.

Sleek and Low Furniture

Mid-century modern design is all about simplicity and functionality. When selecting furniture for your bedroom, opt for pieces with clean lines and low profiles. A platform bed with tapered legs and a simple, minimalist design is an excellent choice. Look for dressers and nightstands with angular shapes and warm wood finishes like teak or walnut to complete the look. The absence of excessive ornamentation creates a sense of openness and elegance in your bedroom.

Iconic Lighting

Lighting is a crucial element in mid-century modern design. Consider adding iconic mid-century modern lighting fixtures to your bedroom, such as a Sputnik chandelier or a George Nelson pendant lamp. These fixtures not only provide functional illumination but also serve as eye-catching design statements. The playful yet elegant designs of mid-century lighting can instantly elevate the overall aesthetic of your space.

Vintage-Inspired Artwork

Adorn your bedroom walls with vintage-inspired artwork that reflects the mid-century aesthetic. Look for abstract paintings, geometric prints, or framed vintage posters from the

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These Modern Living Room Ideas Are Far From Boring

  • October 28, 2023
modern living rooms

50 Modern Living Room Ideas You’ll LoveJanis Nicolay

Defined by clean lines, natural materials and minimalist decor, modern home design is one of the most well-known interior design styles. In the living room, the aesthetic translates to a space that feels airy and uncluttered, yet cozy and welcoming. Here, we’ve rounded up dreamy modern living room ideas that showcase steal-worthy design trends and functional layouts for casual family time.

Whether you’re designing a family-friendly living room or looking for small living room ideas, there are many design avenues that can be taken to achieve a fresh and elevated space. Sleek sky-high shelving, custom fireplaces and grand architectural elements can create a modern living environment filled with both visual interest and functionality. The right accessories, like stylish area rugs, colorful accent chairs or statement lighting fixtures can quickly modernize a simple interior. Patterned wallpaper, pops of colorful fabric and a fresh coat of paint can all result in a modern, chic and inviting space.

As you scroll, you’ll find there’s something for everyone — even if your design style strays a little more traditional, rustic, boho or coastal. There are endless ways to infuse a touch of modern design into your living room design, no matter the overall feel of the home. For those designing an apartment living room, we’ve sprinkled in plenty of renter-friendly ideas (think artwork, peel-and-stick wallpaper and ultra-modern furniture).

Decorate Sky-High Shelving

Not only do these striking shelves take advantage of vertical space, they showcase collectibles, books and artwork and infuse color into the interior. Here, JAM Interior Design uses a mix of modern, traditional and vintage pieces for a curated look.

living room with high built in shelves, built ins, bookcase, white walls, ladder, storage, library


Go Glam

Designed by Ali Budd, this elegant living room is outfitted with a statement chandelier, blue

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Le Shoppe Modern is an Antique Store for Modern Times

  • October 24, 2023

For several weeks this past summer, visitors to Le Shoppe Modern in Keego Harbor were greeted by a monumental painting by renowned pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.

The colorful, showstopping piece — hung over classic 20th-century furniture arranged in eye-catching vignettes — is just one of countless special objects sold by Le Shoppe over the years. And it’s a fitting introduction to the 25,000-square-foot showroom, which feels closer to a lovingly curated museum than your average antiques store.

Until earlier this year, Le Shoppe Modern was known as Le Shoppe Too — so named for the two businesses (consignment and estate sales) operating under its one roof. But as the company’s list of services grew, co-owners Julie Sundberg and Deborah Slobin decided it was time for a rebrand. The new name reflects the shop’s focus on rare, iconic objects from the Midcentury Modern era to the present.

What is now metro Detroit’s largest upscale home goods consignment store started in 2013 in a 3,000-square-foot storefront in Walled Lake, close to Sundberg’s home. Before opening the shop, neither Slobin nor Sundberg had much retail experience, but Sundberg had always loved fixing up and reselling antique furniture, and she knew Slobin to be a great resale shopper in their circles.

“When I saw that the space was available, I called Deborah up and asked, ‘Hey, you maybe want to open a store?’” Sundberg says. “Neither one of us had a lot of extra money, but the beauty of consignment is that people bring things to you, so you don’t have to purchase a lot of inventory. We just got started and busted our butts.”

Le Shoppe Modern’s 25,000-square-foot showroom feels closer to a lovingly curated museum than your average antiques store. // Photograph by Sophie Dwoskin

“We had a passion and were going

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