WORKSPACE offers splendor in the world of office furniture

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WORKSPACE is an e-commerce company based in Dubai that specializes in designing, manufacturing and supplying modern office furniture. Through its website, ““, it allows its customers to easily shop online, create and buy different designs of office furniture, and is the first to offer creative and economical office furniture financing solutions for startups in Dubai, supporting entrepreneurs to reduce business start-up costs, and helping them conserve their money and working capital to bring their ideas to life.

The company understands the basic needs of various companies in the United Arab Emirates and seeks to meet all the needs of its customers and satisfy all tastes, and the brand aims to provide startups with the best furniture designed for offices.

WORKSPACE believes that the design of the workspace has a significant impact on the employee’s workflow and realizes the importance of well-thought-out workspaces and their impact in increasing productivity and maintaining morale among employees, and high-quality workspace design leads to a work environment that is less stressful and more productive, and involves choosing the right office furniture, interior design, and color scheme.

This can make all the difference between a happy, engaged workforce that constantly achieves goals, and a team that can’t stay active and productive, so the luxury brand that offers contemporary office furniture and interior design solutions to sophisticated clients has raised the industry standards with the release of Workspace Design Studio technology, a state-of-the-art interior design software tool, providing unlimited variations and a multitude of high-tech features to help users design new workplaces, redesign their work areas and select the most appropriate furniture, while offering the opportunity to create the perfect workspace before investing in office equipment and decor. Interior design services are available through the website OFFICEWORKS.

The brand made it easy for its customers to find the perfect color combination between furniture and office interiors in just a few clicks using Workspace Design Studio technology, allowing users to mix and match color combinations, floors, tablets and interior designs for workspaces together to see results and compare choices.

WORKSPACE also features set of well-designed virtual versions of workspaces to present a more realistic and attractive palette for users to apply their choices and visualize the possible outcome, the rich graphics of the easy-to-use brand allow WDS users to change colors and styles with just a few clicks.

WORKSPACE provides endless options for its customers, as it provides a huge variety of chairs, most notably comfortable and high-end chairs. It has some of the most well-known office chairs of high quality, to fit the human body and mold to the users’ backs, as they were specially made to be adjustable and adaptable to the person sitting in it.

This helps the physical health of the person that may be affected by sitting for long periods of time at work by providing them with lumbar support and a comfortable adjustable neck and headrest, a mesh backrest with adjustable lumbar support, fabric seats with adjustable forward or backward mechanism, adjustable armrest, metal star base with secure and stable casters on the floor, enabling customers to work comfortably and sit in a way that is best for their health.

As a result, their physical comfort is reflected in the level of productivity and uniqueness in their work, so people should not hesitate to choose a suitable office chair to reduce the damage of sitting for a long time, and to maintain your health.

Among the unique and distinctive office products and work surfaces, there are the modern work tables of the “MAX-Series, Z-Series” group, which meet the needs of the dynamic office by providing flexibility in layouts and multiple functions through one set of furniture. Nowadays, office requirements mean that new workspaces must have more efficient and durable furnishings, while also having limited space at the same time.

WORKSPACE makes this easy with tables that feature a table top that adjusts with a simple bracket for compact storage and when it needs to be moved easily to the same or different configurations, and also allows users to control changing the length of the tables to reach the most appropriate and comfortable position for them.

The table comes standard with a tie-down mechanism, so when you set up the area you can tie it together to stop people moving it, plus lockable wheels makes Z-Series the most flexible and stable table perfect for classrooms, training rooms or conferences. “Z-Series” is available in two sizes suitable for a single desk: 750 x 550 with a curved top to improve work environment by maximizing nearby hand space. The double desk uses a 1500 x 550 straight top allowing two people to use it at the same time. This size also allows the user to create configurations from the traditional classroom to the exclusive L-shaped and more.

From the distinct colors of office frames, storage cabinet materials, floors, wall colors to the ergonomic chairs that enhance the physical health of clients that may be affected by sitting for long periods in the work period by providing them with lumbar support and also equipped with a neck support that enables clients to be comfortable in the work environment. All this ensures that their physical comfort is reflected in the level of productivity and exclusivity in their work.

WORKSPACE also provides the possibility to customize furniture in different colors, sizes and options. It also provides a comprehensive range of options and designs that enable the customer to choose from hundreds of designs for office floors such as carpets or parquet floors, etc. and implement all options right away.

WORKSPACE has branches in several countries, including: United States (, Netherlands (, and the company plans to add its activity in the field of kitchen design and manufacture in the future.

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