Where’s Marty? Checking out modern American art at the BMA

Hi everyone!

It will come as no surprise to you long-time viewers, but may come as a surprise to some of you new friends how much like the Baltimore Museum of Art.  It is world-class. It has pieces, both modern and “Old School,” that are historic. 

I could go on, but do some research at the “University of Google” about The Cone Collection just for starters. Or just go to the BMA website https://artbma.org/  for a ton of information. 

Where’s Marty? Getting a sneak peek of modern American art at the BMA


It is laid back, not stuffy and for the most part FREE. (A major exhibition could require a fee…like if all the Picasso’s on tour come by.) Also, it is open late on Thursday nights. There is something for everyone – I promise that.


Today we went to see and speak with the curators of American Modern Art 1900-1950. A smaller but specific collection that includes art, furniture, sculpture and more. We were told how one of the three top works of American art in-house, the Georgia O’Keeffe painting “Tulips,” plays into the jewelry next to it, and the deco grate cover from the legendary Hutzlers Department store that used to be on Howard Street downtown.

Where’s Marty? Exploring some of the greatest works of modern American art at the BMA


It was a chilled-out way for K2 and I to start the day. And never a bad way to spend a day either. Yep, I am a fan, and after a visit you will be too. And with the holidays not that far away, a visit to the museum store isn’t a bad idea either.

 Marty B!  

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