Waterfront Botanical Gardens receives $1.5M grant for authentic Japanese garden addition

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – Louisville leaders will view progress on the infrastructure construction project that will add a two-acre Japanese Garden to Waterfront Botanical Gardens.

The project received $1.5 million from state funds in the FY22 budget and is set to break ground later this year.

Shiro Nakane, a renowned Japanese Garden landscape designer, is designing the garden.

“This is a perfect example where the state invests funds to ensure the groundwork is laid, literally, for the future growth of a tremendous cultural asset,” President Stivers of the Waterfront Botanical Gardens said. “These gardens are a unique treasure in Kentucky and this authentic addition is sure to draw more visitors to fuel our economy.”

Waterfront Botanical Gardens will include a traditional Japanese Tea House, waterfall, lake, stream and bonsai garden, the release said.

“It’s wonderful to see more and more people from Louisville, across the state and from all over the world visiting the Waterfront Botanical Gardens,” Senator Adams said. “The educational programs and cross-cultural experiences the gardens offer are tremendous for both children and adults. It’s a point of great pride for Louisville to have repurposed this city space and create such beauty for so many to enjoy.”

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