UFO-style tiny home manufactured in Euclid on display at Home & Remodeling Expo

EUCLID, Ohio — It is a concept that is being called “out of this world”, “next level” and straight up “mind-blowing”.

At first glance, it kind of looks like a UFO, something the Jetsons would reside in.

The “Futuro House” is actually being manufactured right here in Northeast Ohio—turning the tiny house market on its head.

It will be on full display at the Cleveland Home and Remodeling Expo at the IX Center this weekend.

The creators say the product may seem a little crazy to some, but the tiny house movement absolutely exploded in popularity over the last five years, especially during the pandemic.

“When you bring something to the industry that’s innovative and solves problems, then you have a business that’s gonna thrive,” Anthony Corpora, CEO and President of US Lighting Group and Futuro Houses said.

The future admittedly looks a bit out of this world.

Parked inside of an East 222nd Street Euclid business, Wickliffe native Anthony Corpora sees promise in the next generation of living in the form of Futuro Houses.

“The tiny home movement, the modular movement is booming,” Corpora said.

Workers with the US Lighting Group, which oversees Cortes Campers have been carefully crafting the concept for the last two-plus years.

“We’re gonna change the way people think about living,” Corpora said.

The uniquely designed tiny homes are constructed of 100% molded fiberglass composites.

The end product looks just like a UFO.

Futuro Houses have their own water collection and energy systems, making it completely possible for you and your family to live off-the-grid.

“You’re just gonna have to rely on mother nature. This will have in the fully outfitted unit-it will have wind, solar, and rainwater collection,” Corpora said.

The home comes shipped to you anywhere in the world, and you literally bolt together each and every piece and part.

Since it’s made out of fiberglass—it won’t rot, decay, mold, or rust.

“Twelve on the bottom, 12 in the middle with the windows, and 12 on the top. Basically, it just fits just like a puzzle,” Corpora said.

The space not only includes a kitchen. There’s also a fully functioning bathroom with a toilet.

“This is a cassette toilet. So meaning that there will be a cassette on the side, that you can pull out on the side after you use the restrooms so you would not need any water,” Corpora said.

Corpora says owners can personalize each and every room of the Futuro Houses—from top to bottom.

Some potential owners are even considering putting small businesses in them or creating a community of homes to rent for the next generation of residents.

The basic shell kit for the Futuro Houses will run you around 180 thousand dollars.

The Cleveland Home and Remodeling Expo starts March 24 and runs through the 26.

And as they roll out Futuro Houses—the company plans to create a new lineup of more affordable homes next year.

For more information on Futuro Houses, click here.

To buy tickets for the Home and Remodeling Expo click here.

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