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Anoop, an employee with Malappuram collectorate, and his wife who is a teacher decided to demolish their ancestral home in Malappuram as time took a toll on the old structure. The family wanted a beautiful and modern abode that suits a modern lifestyle and at the same time gels well with the mesmerizing greenery of the countryside. The elevation features a blend of traditional and contemporary architectural styles. A projected roof in the shape of a ship is an interesting feature. Meanwhile, a tropical and minimal style too has been followed to suit the unique climate in the region. The talented architects at Yuuga Designs based in Manjeri deserve credit for designing such a fabulous abode.

The car porch is designed in a detached style. A truss roof with traditional Mangalore tiles has been installed. Interestingly, huge boundary walls that hide the house aren’t built here. Meshwork has been done on top of short walls. The front yard, meanwhile, has been paved with baby mettle to retain a natural look.

Designed in 2800 sqft, this amazing abode has a car porch, sit-out, formal and family living areas, dining space, courtyard, kitchen with a work area and four bedrooms. The unique furnishing materials looks fabulous and are eye-catching too. The metal furniture pieces are classy. Most of the furniture including chairs, cots, semi partitions and staircases have been made by paving wooden paneling on a metal frame. The flooring is done in vitrified tiles.

Designer jali works done in mud finish are what welcome you into the interiors. These grant a rustic charm to the space. The interiors are designed in the open style to make the spaces look and feel vaster. Lots of metal windows line the walls to bring in natural light and fresh air. So, there is no need to switch on the lights or fans during the daytime.

A metal partition is what separates the formal living area and the dining space. The wall in the dining area is highlighted using exposed brick cladding. The custom-made furniture was built on the site.

There is a patio door in the family living area that opens to the courtyard. Gush of cool wind enter the house if this door is opened. The courtyard floor too has been paved with designer mud bricks.

The dining table designed in the bench concept is quite interesting. The wooden panel has been paved on metal frame to build the table and the matching bench.

The double courtyards fill the house with a pleasant ambience. One is close to the dining area while the other is behind the staircase, under the double-height ceiling.

From the dining area, one could enter the double-height courtyard through a sliding glass door. This area is elegantly decorated with indoor plants to add a hint of greenery. The steps on the staircase too are done by paving wooden panels on a metal frame. A pooja space and a quaint courtyard, behind the staircase, are interesting additions. Half of this double-height wall has been paved with brick cladding and the rest is adorned with beautiful mud jali work. Sun rays enter the house through these jali, making the shadows dance on the wall. The spectacular beauty of this area could be enjoyed through a glass wall in the master bedroom.

The modular kitchen has everything arranged within the hand’s reach. An adjacent work area completes the spacious kitchen.

The bedrooms, meanwhile, are minimal yet elegant. The bath-attached bedrooms have wardrobes too.

The Buddha figurine in the backyard add a scintillating charm to this area. Besides, metal grilles too have been installed here to allow the vines to form a green canopy in a few months.

The family says that they feel happy and refreshed returning to the green spots in their dream dwelling, after a day of hard work. Moreover, their friends and relatives too have become admirers of this enchanting abode.

Project Facts

Location – Malappuram

Plot – 15 cents

Area – 2800 SFT

Owner – Anoop

Design – Midhun Balan, Arun

Yuuga Designs, Manjeri

Mob – 8848208571

Year of completion – 2020

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