The Five Home Decoration Trends To Adopt This Spring

As spring marks a sense of renewal, these are the top five decorating trends for the season and the products that will inspire you with new ideas to update your homes.

Weaving has recaptured the hearts of enthusiasts of handmade objects

Weaving has corrected its outdated image, showing its contemporary side. It is infinitely rich because you can play with textures, materials and colors.

Drucker’s multi-hued, structured Beaux Arts chair in rattan with satinated weave recreates that warm Parisian bistro feeling in your home, while Feelgood Designs’ cantilevered Kaki lounge chair adopting an autumnal rust shade consists of a natural fiber shell made from a handwoven production process that helps to keep this traditional craft alive.

Jette Scheib’s Grass lighting collection in woven abaca yarn for Forestier expresses the peace that resides in the weaving process, and its stripes evoke the landscapes of cultivated fields.

Design goes recycling

Combining beauty and sustainability, functionality and responsibility, this is the virtuous approach of a new guard conscientious of the environment. Between eco-design and recycled materials, contemporary designers are reacting to the limits of over-consumption. Recycled paper, metal and plastic are now at the top of the list of pioneering materials that are every bit as good as their unjustly considered more noble counterparts.

Aware of the urgency of integrating the preservation of the planet and its resources into its production methods, Noma Editions’ Laime 42 sofa with lacquered steel tube structure designed by Charlotte Juillard is made from 42 % recycled materials.

Paper Up!’s U Turn block seat-cum-side table by Rita Koralevics made from an innovative paper and cement mixture is based on the recycling and rethinking of paper as a new material in home furnishings, while the Circular Collection by Portuguese rug company Ferreira de Sá is manufactured from ECONYL Regenerated Nylon, a sustainable yarn processed from fishing nets and the remains of fabrics and carpets.

Wood spreads its warm aura

Popular for its timelessness and capacity to fit in with any decorating style, wood combines authenticity and unbeatable charm. Available in light or dark wood species, in oak, walnut or bamboo, it is therefore natural that this star material has become the number one choice for living rooms and bedrooms.

One of the most beautiful examples of contemporary French cabinetmaking, Pierre Gonalons’ Le Monde secretary for Craman-Lagarde appears as a stack of five chests featuring delicate wood marquetry on all sides.

Cruso’s Paddle chair in oak or ash with an understated design comes in nord blue, forest green or pearl gray, while Hübsch’s oak console mixes its signature graphic lines with a chevron pattern.

Wood artist Pascal Oudet’s unique ceiling and wall pendants are ingeniously crafted from ultrathin oak slices that are sandblasted until transparent and backlit to create a halo effect.

Eye-catching lines install a touch of rhythm

Seen on cushions, tableware, bed linens and the season’s key furniture pieces, geometric and graphic lines, whether thick or thin, straight or curved, strike the perfect balance between originality and sobriety.

Boon Room’s Meander cabinet, with doors formed from parallel, stretched flat elastic bands, plays with transparency, motion and optical confusion, just like American interior designer Ken Fulk’s illusionist vertical lines on fabric, wallpaper and rugs for Pierre Frey that suddenly appear horizontal.

Vincent Sheppard’s Frida and Norma lounge chairs show off a distinctive design through tactile rope wound tightly around a circular frame, while light filters through the birch slats of the Secto Kuulto ceiling lamp to enliven our walls.

Rattan is a timeless element in our interiors

For several years, rattan was thought to be outdated, even downright tacky, but today its popularity continues unabated and is entering a new kind of timelessness. Warm and natural, it gracefully imposes itself on an armchair or sofa.

Made in Indonesia, the Orchid Edition Virage barstool composed of thick curved rods shows off the flexibility of rattan, just as the oval Luella mirror with its coiled rattan frame revived by Sika Design according to a design by Franco Albini and Franca Helg, which was produced in Italy during the 1950s.

Made of teak, Raw Materials’ retro Nova dining chair features canework for the seat and back.

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