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The 25 Most Beautiful Living Room Rugs for Every Home Style

  • April 4, 2023

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Composite of living room rugs

Composite of living room rugs

Courtesy of West Elm, Amazon

A beautiful rug can boost your living room’s overall aesthetic, whether you prefer eclectic, minimalist, modern, traditional, or coastal design. That’s why it’s important to understand the elements of each style—and determine which you prefer most—before you purchase a rug, a décor piece that anchors the room and serves as the backdrop for larger elements, like furniture.

To help you decide (and shop), we tapped several interior designers to break down each living room style and share their favorite rugs to match.

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Eclectic Living Room Rugs

If you love to mix and match décor, consider an eclectic design aesthetic for your living room, says Ryann Swan of Ryann Swan Design. “To me, an eclectic space [combines] seemingly disparate items into one cohesive design,” says Swan. “’70s lighting, Georgian antiques, and modernist seating: [Eclectic design] is the ability to blend these elements together into a room where all the elements are different things. They are still speaking the same language.”

West Elm “Margo Selby” Squares Rug

To play up the boldness of eclectic style in your living room, consider this colorful flatweave rug. Margo Selby, a renowned textile designer, created this eye-catching reversible rug with durable cotton.

There are several ways you can style this rug in an eclectic space. Take the safe route and choose furniture in the same shades as the rug’s quieter colors, or go bold by decorating your space in the brighter shades of its accent squares, says Shaolin Low of Studio Shaolin.

Margo Selby Squares Rug

Margo Selby Squares Rug

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