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34 Best Amazon Furniture Upgrades to Buy Right Now 2022

  • July 10, 2022

Let’s be real: Searching for the best Amazon furniture finds can feel a lot like looking for a needle in a haystack. So, in order to save you copious amounts of scrolling and money ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2022, we’ve taken the time to curate the best design finds the retailer has to offer, from foolproof light fixtures to attractive shelving options. Some of our picks were suggested by AD staffers, and others come highly recommended from happy reviewers. Since you won’t be able to see before buying in person à la traditional furniture stores, lots have flexible return policies and warranties. Scroll down to find our picks for the best Amazon has to offer, broken up by price points, so you can shop easily, whatever your budget may be.

Under $100

Adowes Floating Nightstand

If you’re fighting for floor space, this floating nightstand is a smart (and cost effective!) solution to use as a bedside fixture or a handy wall-mounted shelf anywhere else.

Oceanstar Contemporary Wooden Magazine Rack

Anyone who’s all about organization will want this handsome curved magazine rack to store all their favorite listicles and coffee-table books.

In case you want to check yourself out one more time before leaving the house, hang this round Harmati mirror near your entryway. Consider it a last defense against flyaway hairs and smeared lipstick.

Because fungi-inspired furniture and decor is always a fun idea.

Convenience Concepts Monitor Riser

If the TV needs a boost, or you’re looking for more desk space, this oak riser should do the trick. Plus, it gets more style points than a regular television stand.

Harmati Round Side Table with Storage

A touch of rattan gives this round side table an airy feel. Falling under $100, it definitely qualifies as one of the best Amazon

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