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Interior Designers Share The Worst Home Trends That Should Never Come Back In Style

  • June 21, 2022

Some interior design trends never seem to die. Or do they? There are very specific looks and trends that are often associated with a particular era. For example, thanks to the popularity of Chip and Joanna Gaines, there is nothing more definitive of the last decade than modern farmhouse style. On the other hand, there’s nothing more 1970s than tile countertops and shag carpeting.

While many people say that fashion and design trends always end up coming back in style, that doesn’t necessarily mean they should. After all, things change for a reason. Here are twelve trends interior designers hope never come back.

Modern Farmhouse

It’s time to retire that “Live, Laugh, Love,” sign. Many designers agree that unless you live on an actual farm, it’s about time for modern farmhouse to be run over by a tractor. “We’ve seen much less of the farmhouse trend in recent years, and I am hopeful that it’s on its way out,” says interior designer Audrey Scheck. “While I appreciate vintage pieces with natural age and character, the overly distressed decor is definitely fading away. Instead, focus on creating a more authentic look that isn’t intentionally manipulated to appear aged.”

All-White Everything

Much to the delight of cleaning product and bleach manufacturers, the all-white look was in style for a very long time. While it’s certainly pretty, it can become boring quite quickly. White is also high maintenance and incredibly challenging to maintain, especially for homes with children and pets. “As people venture into furnishing and decorating with more vibrant colors and bold patterns, I hope that the trend of keeping everything white continues to take a back seat,”

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