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The Best Mid-Century Modern Furniture Hiding on Amazon

  • June 14, 2022

There’s an astounding amount of stuff on Amazon, from hair gem staplers to live ocean creatures and everything else our depraved souls crave between our power naps (ahem, Maldon salt). And while some of those items have become well-vetted, internet-famous must-haves—including the viral Amazon coat and tons of TikTok-trending gadgets—others risk getting lost in the shoppable sea of the behemoth’s 12 million products. Can you blame them? That’s a lot of sauce. That’s also where we come in with our giant shrimp net, crystal opera glasses, and discerning eye for design, since believe it or not, Amazon is home to a ton of slick mid-century-modern furniture. 

It’s true: The Amazon furniture department isn’t just filled with furniture for dentist offices or pieces that might adorn the Men in Music Business Conference. Deep in the bowels of Amazon, we’ve found delicate Noguchi lamps, Japandi shelves, and minimalist pendant lights; there are wicker side tables with Googie legs, expensive-looking wood bookshelves, and enough mid-century modern furniture to transform your apartment into a Mad Men set. 

We’ve memorized every curve of Marcel Breuer’s Wassily chairs—you know, the ones that can go for $8,000—to find you a look-alike in the $200 range. We’ve also found the best deals and dupes for pieces by icons including Alvar Aalto, Hans Wegner, and other beloved Scandinavian designers. We’ve also made sure that the reviews are just as good as the product photos for every piece on our short list, whether you’re looking for the perfect end table for under a hundo or the kind of lamp that says, “Why yes, I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue.” Pour yourself an icy martini and get ready to shake your (Philip Gl)ass to the best mid-century modern furniture

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