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Easy and affordable projects to elevate your home for Spring!

  • April 25, 2023

HOUSTON – In honor of today being the first day of Spring, we got some tips on how to give your home a facelift just in time for the season!

Houston renovation experts and stars of HGTV’s ‘Two Steps Home’ and ‘Going For Sold’ Jon Pierre Tjon-Joe-Pin and Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin gave us a checklist for some easy home projects you can tackle as Spring gets underway.

Jon and Mary are a local couple with a full-service family-owned home investment and improvement company called ‘Harper Raine Homes.’

At Harper Raine Homes, they offer design consultations, home renovations, home redesigns, and realtor services.

They’ve hosted ‘Two Steps Home’ and Going For Sold’ on HGTV, with episodes streaming now on Discovery+.


1. CLEAN YOUR GUTTER- Cleaning your gutters is most important this time of year with rain build up that could potentially cause leaks into your home.

2. PRESSURE WASHING- Start fresh! Get your brick, sidewalks and driveways cleared of pollen and winter grime.

3. CHECK YOUR SPRINKLER SYSTEM- To ensure your grass is properly hydrated ahead of the sizzling summer months.

4. REVAMP OUTDOOR PLANTS AND POTS- Add some color! You can plant new flowers in flower beds or into a pot.

5. STAIN GROUT LINES IN TILE- Quick way to update your kitchen backsplash or bathroom tile

6. BRING GREENERY INTO YOUR HOME- Make them live longer with easy self-care and a self-watering system

Watch the videos above and below for pictures and live demonstrations on the projects mentioned!

For questions, or to request a service, you can visit their website here.

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