pine furniture


Revitalise you plain pine furniture with a modern twist

  • June 12, 2023

Discover budget-friendly tricks to transform dated pine furniture into stylish statements.

Pine furniture has a natural charm of its own but can quickly look dated as the colour ages over time. However, there are various ways of refreshing and modernising pine furniture, that are easy and practical and you get to choose the best method to match your style and decor.

Use pretty or contemporary patterned fabric

Apply gorgeous patterned fabrics onto pine furniture as you would if you were doing decoupage. Crafting glue or clear acrylic sealer not only works great as an adhesive but also helps to protect the finish and make it easier to keep clean.


  1. Choose your fabric for this project and calculate how many metres you will need to complete the task. You can use any type of fabric but thinner, lightweight fabrics are easier to work with.
  2. Paint the furniture with your choice of paint and colour so that there is at least a couple of days before you move on to the next step.
  3. Use a brush or roller to spread crafting glue or clear acrylic sealer over the area to be covered, only working in small sections at a time since the sealer dries fairly fast.
  4. Lay the fabric over the wet sealer and use your fingers to smooth out any wrinkles from the centre outwards. This can be tricky the first time you try it but it does get easier with practice. A good way to gain experience before you start on this project would be to try your hand at making a tray and covering this with a pretty fabric.
  5. Once all the wrinkles have been removed and the base coat dry, apply an additional 4 to 5 coats of sealer, allowing drying
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