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A Fusion Of High Design And Modern Luxury.

  • January 29, 2024

In the bustling heart of New York City’s design district, a new landmark has emerged on the landscape of contemporary design. Kartell, the iconic Italian furniture brand, has opened its flagship store, setting a new benchmark in luxury and innovation in home decor.

Since its inception in 1949, Kartell has firmly established itself as a beacon of innovation in the world of design, and is particularly celebrated for its iconic plastic furniture pieces. The brand’s distinctive look is further accentuated through its collaborations with globally acclaimed designers, among them, the partnership with Philippe Starck and most notably his creation of the ‘Ghost Chair’, a marvel of design that captures Kartell’s ethos of blending artistic vision with groundbreaking execution.

The new store is a testament to Kartell’s evolving vision about not just showcasing products but rather immersing visitors in a world where design meets life. This shift reflects a keen understanding of the changing dynamics in consumer engagement. In an era where experience is as valuable as the product, Kartell is sculpting spaces that tell stories. The store is arranged not merely as a series of furniture displays, but as a series of interconnected vignettes, each narrating a different aspect of the contemporary lifestyle that Kartell envisions.

I spoke with Lorenza Luti, Kartell’s Director of Marketing and Retail, to delve into the inspiration behind the new venture, driving expansion while adhering to their core values, and her vision for the future of Kartell.

Jennifer Lee: Lorenza, tell me more about the vision behind opening your first Flagship Store in New York City and how does this location differ from

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