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Flower Piano event puts a dozen pianos in SF Botanical Gardens

  • September 25, 2022

Beneath a giant, native tree from New Zealand, the beautiful notes of Chopin soared from a piano nestled under the branches at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.

“The setting can’t be beat. As a stage, this wonderful tree with the hanging plants. It’s just so beautiful,” said Ian Scarfe, the pianist who

The beauty of the SF Botanical Gardens usually isn’t measured in notes, but this is the seventh Flower Piano weekend, when people can marvel at flowers and plants mixed in with music and pianos.

“There are 12 pianos throughout our 55 acres, and they’re everywhere from the great meadow to the redwood grove,” said Stephanie Linder, Executive Director of the San Francisco Botanical Gardens Society which partners with sponsors and Sunset Piano to hold the event.

Meandering along the garden paths, people hear melodies floating from the ferns and forests.

From classical music pieces penned by Beethoven, to jazz, to songs by the Beatles or Lady Gaga, there were plenty of choices for the audience.

Professional musicians with the Community Music Center, SF Jazz, and SF Symphony have all partnered with the Flower Piano program. There are also impromptu performances by passersby.

“We also have lots of open playtime so anyone who comes in can find a piano and sit down and play, and sometimes they hear the most amazing experiences,” said Linder.

In the rhododendron garden, Jose Lobo sang and played the piano with a violinist joining in. Dozens of people paused to listen, circling the piano.


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