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Maison Sarah Lavoine Gives A Contemporary Take On A 19th-Century French Mansion

  • December 21, 2023

A 19th-century bourgeois townhouse in Lille in northern France known as “Le Berre Vevaud” gets a total makeover by French designer Sarah Poniatowski, founder of Maison Sarah Lavoine, who infuses the four-story historical mansion housing a family of six with the perfect balance of refinement, conviviality, color and French spirit. As Poniatowski’s studio is not only an interior design firm, but has also been a lifestyle brand proposing furniture, home decor and clothing that embody simple elegance since 2012, she naturally turned to furniture and accessories from Maison Sarah Lavoine, while also carefully selecting D.154.2 and Superleggera chairs by Gio Ponti, a dining table by Charlotte Perriand, a coffee table by Pierre Charpin, a floor lamp by Eileen Gray, chairs by Pierre Paulin, a sideboard by Jacques Dumond and a side table by Doshi Levien. Poniatowski shares her insights on the design of the house.

Describe your design language and what makes your approach unique. How has your approach shaped the architecture and interiors that you created for the Lille mansion?

I love warm and lively interiors. I introduced colors very early in my career and people have turned to me for this specific trait of my work. Light is also a huge part of my architectural vocabulary. Colors and light are fantastic ways to sculpt a space, emphasize or conceal something. They are the chisel and the brush of an architect. You can see a lot of this in the work we did for

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