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Sean Kenney’s ‘Nature Connects Made with LEGO Bricks’ exhibit is coming to Houston Botanic Garden

  • September 21, 2022

Sean Kenney’s award-winning exhibition “Nature Connects Made with LEGO Bricks” will be brought to the Houston Botanic Gardens this month.

The exhibit is set to run from Saturday, Sept. 24, to Sunday, Feb. 19, 2023, making for six months of enjoyment for nature lovers and LEGO enthusiasts alike.

Nature Connects is an exhibit designed to highlight and illustrate the delicate balance of nature. Kenney’s exhibit seeks to convey that balance of nature and the greater ecosystem through life-size statues of various plants and animals.

Produced by Imagine Exhibitions, an Atlanta-based company, Nature Connects has depicted important topics that Kenney, a New York-based artist, holds dear, from protecting animal habitats, to planting a garden, to using a bike instead of a car, since 2012.

For the Houston Botanic Gardens, this exhibit serves as an opportunity to help people around the city get involved and get in touch with their inner green thumbs, while providing a thorough educational experience.

“I think this is a really exciting exhibition for us to help continue to introduce the garden to families and others that don’t know how much they’re gonna fall in love with this place,” said Houston Botanic Gardens President Claudia Gee Vassar. “The sculptures are really beautiful and whimsical for all of us who love legos, except for when we step on them!.”

Coincidentally, the Botanic Gardens are also celebrating their second anniversary alongside this exhibit, with a very special Family Festival occurring on the exhibit’s opening day, featuring food, games, and various nature activities throughout the garden.

“It’s really fun to be able to celebrate two years,” Vassar said. “I know that we’re all experiencing pandemic time, so it’s on the one hand surprising that it’s been two years, and yet at the same time it feels as though it’s been a

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