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9 Contemporary Interior Design Tips You Haven’t Heard Before

  • July 8, 2023

Not traditional yet far from modern, contemporary interior design can feel like the best of all words. Audrey Scheck of Audrey Scheck Design tells me, “While modern design refers to a specific time period, contemporary design is a more loose term designating both current and future design trends. Contemporary design evolves as interior design trends come and go.”

Current contemporary spaces have an easy, warm feel to them. Far from formulaic, they can be eclectic or even fun. Whether you’re currently designing a contemporary space or just refreshing an old one, here are nine contemporary design tips shared by expert interior designers.

Choose Curved Lines

Scheck tells me curved lines can truly enhance a contemporary space. “From rounded corners on furniture to arched mirrors and doorways, curves bring so much dimension to a space. Incorporating curves helps to balance a space by breaking up angles and hard lines.”

There are lots of ways to add curved lines to a room. Choose a curvy sofa or chair. Even a curvy bookcase, mirror, or artwork can create visual interest.

Skip The White And Go With Creamy Neutrals

White can look very modern and stark, so choose a creamy neutral if you want a space to have a more contemporary aesthetic.

“Consumers are leaning into creamy neutral tones which are versatile enough to make a space feel calm and neutral while also being warm and inviting,” says Scheck. “A neutral base allows for even more flexibility to introduce color through fun accents like artwork, textiles, and decorative accents.”

Add A Statement Rug

If a contemporary room feels as if it’s missing something, it would probably benefit from a statement rug.

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