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Can you guess the UK’s top 5 dream interior styles?

  • April 1, 2023
the uk's top 5 dream interior styles

Guess the UK’s top 5 dream interior styles…Rose & Grey / Sweetpea & Willow

Spend hours daydreaming about your ideal home, or strategising how you’ll tackle your next decorating project?

It turns out, you’re not alone – 66 per cent of people surveyed by Willow & Hall said they plan to renovate rooms this spring in a bid to overhaul their interiors.

With this in mind, Berkeley Group scoured Instagram and consulted top interior design experts to find the most popular interior style for 2023. The results are in…

The UK’s favourite interior styles:

  1. Modern – 1.89m hashtags

  2. Scandinavian – 961k hashtags

  3. Vintage – 923k hashtags

  4. Contemporary – 360k hashtags

  5. Bohemian – 222k hashtags

Keep reading to get the lowdown on each of these distinct interior aesthetics.

• Modern Home Style

john lewis ss23 home collection modern

Modern interior design was first established in the early to mid-19th century. Today, modern interior design blends the sophisticated simplicity of Scandinavian design with the innovative functionality of the German Bauhaus and the clean lines of mid-century modern design.

A great interior style for homes with a lot of natural light and open plan spaces, Susan White, an interior designer at Phoenix Interior Design, summarises the look as minimal but memorable decor, with clean lines and an earthy colour palette.

‘Choose white, cream, or beige tones, and incorporate splashes of bold colours – such as a brightly painted feature wall – to create an eye-catching contrast,’ she explains.

• Scandinavian Home Style


‘Scandi-style is all about practicality and prioritising wellbeing, in simple, well-designed, light-filled spaces that offer the perfect place to relax and unwind,’ say the team at Berkeley Group. ‘With all the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, and WFH changing the nature of what we use homes for, it’s no wonder

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