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Renovating During Inflation

  • July 16, 2022

With inflation at a 40-year high and mortgage rates more than 2% points higher than they were six months ago (and continuing to climb), you might find that now is not the right time to buy a new home. Instead, it might be time to love the one you already own.

Need a little help feeling good about staying put for the time being? Then perhaps, it’s time for a remodel project to turn your house into the home you’ve always dreamed about.

Before you run away screaming at the thought of renovating, hear us out.

A remodel could increase the overall value of your home, which would be beneficial if you consider selling in the future. (And maybe a home face-lift will make you want to stay put.)

“Renovation projects are a great way to retain the value of your money in a high-inflation environment,” says Rick Berres, owner of Honey-Doers, a Lakeville, MN–based company that provides residential remodeling services. “But you shouldn’t put yourself into debt doing so.”

While the prices for everything from lumber to labor might be higher, it’s still possible to embark on a home remodel project without draining your bank account. Here’s how.

Is a home improvement project worth it right now?

While the cost of renovating your home will depend on square footage, the region you live in, and what you’d like to get done, the average home remodel costs anywhere from $25,000 on the low end to $76,000 on the high end.

And the latest remodeling impact report from the National Association of Realtors® found that Americans spent about $420 billion in 2020 on home remodeling projects. The majority remodeled for the following reasons:

  • To upgrade worn-out surfaces, finishes, and materials
  • To add features and improve livability
  • To simply make a
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Home Remodel Pro Hires SEO National to Increase Their Online Footprint

  • June 13, 2022

Home Remodel Pro is known for over-delivering with their luxury kitchen and bathroom remodels in the greater Austin, TX area. They have partnered with SEO National, a leading search engine optimization firm, to reach more customers online.

As a leading remodeling contractor in Austin, TX, Home Remodel Pro is spreading their “above-and-beyond” work ethos. This week, they’ll begin working with SEO National, a respected search engine optimization agency, to let more Austin residents know about their commitment to quality and “over-delivering.”

Home Remodel Pro specializes in luxury kitchen and bathroom remodels. While there are many contractors in the Austin area, Home Remodel Pro prides itself in offering more than clients expect with meticulously executed remodels that stay beautiful and functional for years to come.

Damon Burton, President of SEO National, said that he is excited to be working with a company with such a strong dedication to quality.

“We seek out clients that offer a product we can be proud to help them market,” said Burton. “A lot of general contractors cut corners, but Home Remodel Pro refuses to skimp. Their many 5-star reviews speak to their quality craftsmanship and customer service.”

Burton’s SEO firm helps companies attract organic traffic and drive up conversions without having to pour money into expensive, high-risk pay-per-click ad campaigns. They have helped Shark Tank-featured businesses, Inc. 5000 companies, and NBA Team Stores achieve page one search engine rankings and increase sales exponentially. Through website optimization and strategic content, they will help take Home Remodel Pro’s sterling reputation to a larger stage in Austin and beyond.

Home Remodel Pro is family-owned and operated and committed to stellar client communication and service. In addition to providing kitchen and bathroom upgrades, to include countertops and custom cabinetry, they also do window replacements, home additions, and more.

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