Lightscape festival to mesmerise at Botanic Gardens

  • June 21, 2022

“The journey takes you past the National Herbarium of Victoria, which is a building in the gardens that isn’t open to the public, and is where all of our amazing science team [work].”

Experts were employed to ensure the gardens’ wildlife and plants will not be disturbed during the event.

Kathy Holowko, one of three local artists who have created installations especially for the Melbourne festival, constructed a giant plant press to build four pyramid-shaped lanterns.

Melbourne artist Kathy Holowko in front of her one of her lanterns showcasing the work of the <a href=herbarium. ” loading=”lazy” src=”https://static.ffx.io/images/$zoom_0.186%2C$multiply_0.3541%2C$ratio_1.776846%2C$width_1059%2C$x_0%2C$y_55/t_crop_custom/q_86%2Cf_auto/a1450b99c0d75de710eada9ac943db2cbcb58b30″ height=”212″ width=”375″ srcset=”https://static.ffx.io/images/$zoom_0.186%2C$multiply_0.3541%2C$ratio_1.776846%2C$width_1059%2C$x_0%2C$y_55/t_crop_custom/q_86%2Cf_auto/a1450b99c0d75de710eada9ac943db2cbcb58b30, https://static.ffx.io/images/$zoom_0.186%2C$multiply_0.7082%2C$ratio_1.776846%2C$width_1059%2C$x_0%2C$y_55/t_crop_custom/q_62%2Cf_auto/a1450b99c0d75de710eada9ac943db2cbcb58b30 2x”/

Melbourne artist Kathy Holowko in front of her one of her lanterns showcasing the work of the herbarium. Credit:Eddie Jim

She used the herbarium’s botanical plant library, which holds dried and pressed botanical specimens – some from the 19th century – to select plants for her installation.

“At night, when the lights go in it, they are illuminated from the inside, and you can see some of the details of the veins and the leaves,” Holowko said.

“[I hope it inspires viewers] to dive a bit deeper, and become more curious about this mysterious building that sits within the Royal Botanic Gardens.”

Detailed illustrations by First Nations artist Mandy Nicholson, which tell the story of country, family, and Aboriginal spirituality, will be projected in different locations around the gardens.

“One of her works that I’m really personally excited about is a projection on the separation tree which is one of the remnant trees that was here pre-colonisation,” Ward said.

“She has illustrated these really beautiful gum flowers that will be projected onto that tree, so it’s somewhat of a reclaiming [it].”

Another installation features images of Victoria’s little-known emblem, epacris impressa, or the common heath.

The event was first held in Kew’s Royal Botanic Gardens in the UK a decade ago, before

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