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Ten Years of Solid Metal Craft for Modern Interiors

  • June 25, 2023

Ten Years of Solid Metal Craft for Modern Interiors

In 2013, home fashion label Buster + Punch emerged from a garage in East London, with a refreshing stance on everyday detailing and fittings that elevated them into desirable and trendy pieces.

The brand’s founder Massimo Buster Minale was renowned for his work as an architect by day and maker of custom motorcycles by night – the latter sold from the garage a few hundred yards from his London flat. His motorcycle clients began commissioning one-off interior pieces and detailing for their homes. Minale had always struggled to find premium hardware and fittings for his architecture projects for Richard Rogers and Foster & Partners and now saw a clear gap in the market. 

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The brand’s range now stretches from ruggedly handsome sockets and switches through lighting, furniture and accessories to LED light bulbs. Image Courtesy of Buster + Punch

Extraordinary attention to detail

Buster + Punch was rooted in Minale’s love of hand-crafting custom motorcycles and his passion for architecture and design. A decade after its launch, the brand is now synonymous with solid metal collections that span lighting to furniture, accessories, hardware, a bespoke kitchen and its ground-breaking electricity switches, dimmers and sockets. It has also reimagined the LED light bulb, introducing a range of new forms and softening the usual stark, bright white to a warm glow.

It’s a journey that has put hardware, detailing and fittings on par with statement pieces of furniture as key considerations for architects and interior designers

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