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How to buy Eames furniture with confidence

  • September 4, 2023

Whether it was designed fifty or five years ago, a piece of Eames furniture has an undoubted timeless appeal. Part of design history, it remains as beautiful and useful as ever, no matter what the biggest interior design trends might dictate. Not many designs have stood the test of time like Eames furniture has, and the rise in interest in Mid-Century aesthetics has meant that more and more of us are looking at curating eclectic homes that are about bringing personality into a space and mixing the old with the new.

However, buying vintage, especially designer pieces, will be a bit daunting for most of us, as it is easy to get it wrong. But The Eames Institute of Infinite Curiosity has revealed their ultimate guide to collecting ‘an Eames of your own’, demystifying the whole process and giving you the right tools to go hunt for your own piece of design history with confidence.

If you want to make a real design statement in your home, and also invest in an item that you will love and that will still be valuable years on, read on because you need to know this.

What is Eames furniture and why is it so popular?

illustration over picture of eames chair

illustration over picture of eames chair

When referring to ‘Eames furniture’ one will refer to the designs by Charles and Ray Eames. The mid-century design powerhouse couple is known for their progress and contribution to the development of modern design and architecture. They also worked in fine art and film, and while Charles was more known by the media, he and Ray worked together to create some of the most famous designs recognized all over the world – the Eames Lounge Chair and the Eames Dining Chair being amongst the most famous.

Their designs rose to popularity

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