Dedon Mbrace furniture collection is built to last

  • October 19, 2022


13 Sep 2022

Furniture for every occasion, always: Dedon’s ‘Mbrace’ collection is built to last

Available in a multitude of colours and styles, Dedon’s ‘Mbrace’ collection is the right fit for every home


In partnership with mbrace“Dedon

The great outdoors deserves great design. With Dedon products, precious moments under open skies and the delights of alfresco dining, lounging and sunbathing are celebrated as outdoor living room pleasures – calling for environments furnished with the same attention to comfort, quality and aesthetics usually reserved for indoor spaces.

A commitment to exquisite craftsmanship meets exceptional materials, as seen in Sebastian Herkner’s ‘Mbrace’ collection. The designs encompass clean forms and hand-woven Dedon fibre, a special material developed and produced by the brand’s facilities in Northern Germany, ensuring every piece is unique.

A strong design philosophy centred around the changing requirements of the user results in a versatile design, perfectly enjoyed in any environment, from the urban to the rural, outdoors or even indoors as part of a hybrid collection of furniture. Any piece in the ‘Mbrace’ collection will play an integral role in your home, and be a constant companion in every precious moment.

With 12 available models, including seating, two coffee tables and three dining tables, there is no need to choose between sunbathing, dining or lounging, with a collection that grows with you, evolving to suit any developing needs.

Small balconies or buzzing urban environments where space is a premium will be enhanced with the newly introduced club chair. The bestselling wing and lounge chairs, which cradle the sitter in their curving form, will bring intimacy to bigger spaces.

The extensive variety and effortless flexibility make the furniture the ideal companion for growing families and happy couples, urban dwellers and country residents alike, with the commitment

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