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These 6 Home Items Are Not Worth the Splurge

  • March 29, 2023
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There’s no way around it: decorating a home can be pricey. But, you don’t have to throw away big bucks on every item you buy. In fact, there are some home items you simply shouldn’t spend much on—even the experts think so.

Certain furnishings, including keep-them-forever pieces that put up with plenty of wear and tear, are worthy of a hefty price tag, while others simply aren’t. So what home items can you give your budget a break on?

We asked interior designers, David Quarles and Bethany Adams, which home items aren’t worth splurging on. Here’s their money-saving advice.

  • David Quarles is a Memphis-based interior designer, jewelry designer, and content creator.

  • Bethany Adams is a certified interior designer with the Kentucky Board of Architecture. She has over 15 years of design experience.

Planters and Vases

Plant parents, rejoice—Quarles is giving you permission to stop spending serious money on planters and vases.

“I love plants and how they bring literal life to each space designed,” Quarles says. “However, there’s no need to spend a ton to get the look of a well-housed plant baby.”

Instead, he recommends shopping stores like HomeGoods, Walmart, and online sources like AllModern, which allow you to buy affordable planters, pots, and vases, giving your collection of monsteras and pothos a well-curated and loved look that won’t break your budget.

“Plus, these stores have their finger on the pulse for the latest styles of home decor, so you’re still able to get the desired, on-trend look for much less and without sacrificing quality,” Quarles says.

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Think you need to hit the gallery scene for awe-worthy art for your home? Think again, says Adams.

“While I believe in spending money on art that you really love, I tend to purchase vintage pieces

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