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The 5 outdated furniture trends I regret buying into (and designers agree)

  • August 1, 2023
 Neautral living room with boucle sofas

Neautral living room with boucle sofas

I wouldn’t say I was an overly trend-led person when it comes to interior decor. I have liked the same slightly minimalist, slightly rustic style for decades.

However, that’s not to say I haven’t been drawn in by furniture trends that I convince myself will become classics. Plus, it doesn’t help that every few months I have a style crisis and question all the decisions I have made thus far and feel the need to buy one ‘trendy’ statement piece that will totally transform my space (and, by extension, who I am as a person).

So, for the purpose of helping you not make the same mistakes I have made over the years, I have listed all the once on-trend pieces and styles I invested in to try to make my home more like the rooms of Pinterest and Instagram. Some I regret because they don’t work with my current furniture, some I regret because that particular interior design trend lasted all of a few months, and some I regret because they are just so impractical.

5 outdated furniture trends to avoid

I’m not alone in thinking these are outdated furniture trends; I also got designers to back me up.

1. White bouclé couches

Neautral living room with white boucle sofa

Neautral living room with white boucle sofa

See, looking at this space, I get why I did it. White bouclé couches are so chic, but firstly I have a dog, and secondly, they give a very summery vibe to a room. I loved that when I first bought my white bouclé sofa but when fall rolled around and I wanted to ditch the SoCal vibe and go for something cozier, the white bouclé couch didn’t really allow for that – it all of a sudden felt very stark and dated.

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