Cozy up in 2024: Minimalism, fast furniture are out; quartz countertops, vintage pieces, wallpaper are in

  • December 31, 2023

To furnish those rooms, think vintage. Upcycling and acquiring antiques has become very trendy. This keeps furniture out of landfills and also brings character to a home. For that vintage furniture, 2024 is bringing the curves. Curved designs in furniture and lighting are taking over this year. Consider wavy, wood furniture that adds a bit of pizzazz into a room.

When laying out your furniture in a room, maximalism without messiness is in. It plays into the want for cozy spaces. Accessorize as much as you want, but don’t let things get too cluttered or overtaken, especially in smaller rooms.

It’s also time to play with colors, fabric and wallpaper. Bold patterns, especially striped and plaid fabrics, are very popular. This year, designers also like checkerboard patterns and tassels, fringe, braids and cords for window treatments and upholstery details.

On the color wheel, neutrals have taken over from gray. Think warm tones like beige, tan, cream, brown, caramel, amber, honey and butter. Beside neutrals, blue is the top color. Vibrant tones, especially teal and aqua, are hot along with purple, red and earthy greens.

As far as lighting spaces, layered lighting is popular. This can be done with bold, sculptural chandeliers, wall sconces, art lights, decorative ceiling lights and fixtures made of natural materials such as rattan, wicker and leather. If you have to do recessed lighting, canless LEDs are preferred.

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