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Farmhouse dresser gets a modern makeover with just a few easy steps [Video]

  • October 3, 2023

Come along for the ride as we give this farmhouse dresser a whole new life using a few DIY tips and tricks.

Video Transcript

– Hey, people. And welcome to Yahoo “In the Know Furniture Flip.” I’m your host Brie and I’m going to teach you how to transform your furniture and turn it into something new. Let’s get to it.

I got this dresser from All for Up. I paid around $30 for it. It has a very farmhouse style. And I’m going to turn it into something a little bit more modern. I’m going to go a little bit bold. I’m picking a very bright and vibrant color with some really dramatic handles.

So the tools and supplies I’m going to be using for this dresser is the sander. I’ll be using this very bright pink color. I’ll be adding these extra long knob. To apply the paint, I’ll be using my roller, my paint brush to get into any corners that the roller can’t reach. And the first step I’ll be doing is cleaning.

The next thing I’m going to be doing is a scuff sand. I want to make sure that the paint sticks to the dresser. So I’ll be scuff sanding the entire piece. And the main purpose of that is to get rid of all the shininess, all the glossiness that’s on the dresser now. I’m going to be using a 150 grit at the speed six.


So, I’m done scuff sanding the entire piece. All the glossiness is gone. So now I’m going to wipe off all the extra sanding dust. And we are going to start painting. Paint that I’m using has a built in primer. So I don’t have to worry about priming. And this color is a really

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