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Modern backyard ideas for a mid-century oasis

  • July 12, 2022

Backyard photographs from a bygone era have a certain panache that we covet today, whether it is a poolside paradise or a lush green space crawling with cocktail-carrying guests.

Creating your own backyard oasis filled with mid-century modern style pieces, like sectional sofas and outdoor rugs, is quickly earning a spot as one of summer’s hottest patio design trends.

We spoke to several design experts about how to create a mid-century modern oasis in your backyard and have it looking Frank Lloyd Wright-worthy in no time.

No backyard? No problem. Any of these ideas can be modified to fit your small outdoor space.

Outdoor patio furniture with clean lines and neutral colors

An outdoor couch next to two blue chairs

Credit: Bullock / Crosley Furniture / Reviewed

Don’t forget to put weather-rated outdoor sectional sofas and lawn chairs on your vision board full of modern backyard ideas.

The modernist movement of late 19th century inspired more thoughtful furniture designs focused on ergonomic comfort and style. Natural materials and clean lines came into play, and design gravitated to simplicity instead of embellishment. But thankfully, this didn’t mean boring.

Los Angeles designer Mae Brunken says, “Simplicity is key, and repetition is a great way to emphasize the design,” when it comes to furniture for your patio or pool area. “Incorporating refurbished vintage pieces, such as the curvy 1960s and 1970s fiberglass loungers, adds a touch of both history and interest.”

Look for classic pieces like a vintage freestanding hammock, which can impart a certain mid-century laissez-faire with its wonderful yet functional shape, or Cesca-style outdoor chairs.

Although much of the mid-century’s palette is void of color, that also doesn’t have to translate to a neutral yard. According to Brunken, you can’t go wrong with accents of turquoise or any of the other traditional mid-century colors like green, pink, and yellow.

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