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ARTS THREAD Royal Danish Academy 2022: Furniture Design MA

  • October 22, 2022

Above: Royal Danish Academy 2022 Furniture Design MA graduates 1 Pia Angela Rasmussen/ 2-3 Laura Fiig/4-5 Kasper Kyster Iversen/6 Nikoline Oda Gomolka/ 7 Anna Clarisse Holck Wæhrens

ARTS THREAD selects some of the stand-out projects from the Royal Danish Academy Furniture Design MA class of 2022.

Pia Angela Rasmussen’s Gaucho stool is inspired by South American Gaucho culture, specifically their way of layering a horse saddle to make it more comfortable for the rider. The cantilevered stool mimics the movement of horse riding and features layers of textile made from horse hair and wool.

Laura Fiig has created a collection of sculptural lights made from just two everyday materials: paper and thread. The thread provides structural support for the paper lights as well as being a decorative element.

The Master Collection by  Kasper Kyster Iversen sees the designer create six seats over the course of six weeks in six different materials. In doing so, Iversen seeks to discover how intuition can shape the design process as opposed to following design rules and the desire to be perfect.

Nikoline Oda Gomolka’s Agnes project makes use of eelgrass, sourced from Danish shores, and other natural textiles in a bid to create furniture that promotes wellbeing.

Danish drama Babette’s Feast was the inspiration behind Anna Clarisse Holck Wæhrens tableware collection. Featuring silverware, stoneware, glass and textiles, the collection seeks to channel the mood and themes of the film but bring them into a contemporary context.

 View all of the Royal Danish Academy 2022 Furniture Design MA graduates by visiting their website.

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