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The Pumpkin Tiny Is a Masterclass in Modern Rustic Functionality

  • April 27, 2024

Is it possible to enjoy both the familiar coziness of a traditional wooden cabin and the ingenious functionality of a contemporary abode in the same tiny house? The answer is yes, and the colorful Mobi 08 Pumpkin is here to prove it.

Homes on wheels designed by Mobi House are always easily recognizable due to their trademark colorful exteriors with a traditional look. If you’re looking for futuristic designs and unusual architectural structures, these houses might seem overly simplistic. Still, their ingenious spirit focused on functionality is fully revealed inside. Despite their classic structure, the Mobi House tiny homes make a statement through the bold use of unusually vibrant colors, making way for more mellow interiors where Scandinavian clean aesthetics meet rustic elements for old-school comfort.

The Pumpkin draws attention with a beautiful color scheme of dark red and anthracite gray – not too flashy, yet striking. On the outside, white window frames and trims were used to create contrast and add a fresh touch. On the inside, jet-black accents were used for the same purpose, highlighting the pristine white walls and wooden furniture in light, natural tones. The Scandinavian inspiration is obvious, but with an edgy twist that keeps the Pumpkin Tiny from lining up with classic minimalist designs.

Using functional elements such as doors, appliances, and pieces of furniture as décor elements is one of the brand’s trademarks. It’s a smart way to make the most of the available floor space without adding anything that could create clutter. The glossy black full-size fridge isn’t just a required kitchen appliance but also a visually striking accent against the backdrop of the white furniture and walls. The sliding bathroom door has a similar effect, as does the protection wall for the loft above.

Mobi 08 Pumpkin

Photo: Mobi House

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