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‘They’re modern, cool and space-saving’

  • July 14, 2023
 a bedroom with a built-in headboard made from wood

a bedroom with a built-in headboard made from wood

Headboard design has come a long way from the traditional upholstered look. More and more, designers are embracing this piece of furniture as a space-saving tool, seeing its potential as room for storage, tidying away messy wires and a place to display your bedroom items.

We are also seeing headboard ideas work harder to blend into the wider aesthetic of the bedroom, and they are doubling up as bedside tables too. Instead of bringing a stuffy, country-core look – new look headboards are emerging that are modern and cool.

This is where built-in headboard designs fit the bill perfectly. Seamlessly mounted against the bedroom wall, a built-in design has a more sleek and minimalist feel that brings a focal point to the bedroom. Here are a handful of designs and in-built headboard ideas that we love that you should give a go at home.

1. Use your headboard to span the entire bedroom wall

In-built headboard ideas

In-built headboard ideas

First up, your built-in headboard doesn’t need to span the width of your bed, and we’re seeing headboards that span along the width of the room just like this example from Studio Mellone.

This example of a built-in headboard helps to break up the wall space, bringing color and texture halfway up the wall the way a dado rail might. It also really helps to highlight the bed as the focal point and brings dimension to an otherwise white space. If you go for this look, make sure to not go too high up the wall – use your bed frame as a guide.

The end result also means you might have made yourself a narrow shelf along the top of the headboard which works well in a decorative way. Lean artwork

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