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2022 Interior Design Styles and How to Get Them

  • July 31, 2022

If, like most people, you’re your own interior designer, you’ve probably accumulated a fair amount of decor over the years. You like it all — okay, most of it — and, sure, it pulls from similar styles (think minimalist and mid-century modern) for a result that makes sense. But it might stop just short of cohesive. What you really want is a space worthy of a viral TikTok, and to get that, it helps to know the elements of the interior design style you’re aiming for.

With the help of the pros at Pacaso, we decoded eight interior design styles popular right now and created a quick cheat sheet for how to recreate them at home. Whether you want to go big and bold with a maximalist or eclectic style, keep it calm with coastal or cottage, or finally achieve the Scandinavian dream, you can find a quick overview for each aesthetic below, plus a few tips for creating each one.


Quaint is the vibe this traditional yet unpretentious style evokes. It dates back to 18th-century Germany where textiles were homespun and furniture was handmade. Get the look today with rustic wood floors, wood furniture with clean lines, and a neutral color palette. Keep curtains airy and minimal — cottage style is all about the interplay of light and texture — and lighting soft and abundant.


After years of living in stark shades of minimalism, maximalism is the outburst we needed in 2022. Here, art is free to take up a whole wall, bookshelves can overflow with trinkets and tchotchkes, and color is always the answer. The trick is to tie it all together with a through line — like the color red in the room above — and aim for a 50-50 space-to-stuff ratio.


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7 Home Decor Mistakes Making Your Space Look Dated

  • July 18, 2022

Trends come and go, but decor styles can endure with the right upgrade. Farmhouse modern, for example, has outlasted many home decor trends over the decade (RIP kitschy boho) and even inspired offshoots like cottagecore and coastal grandmother, proving we’ll always crush on all things clean and cozy. Interior designer Anna Franklin of Milwaukee-based Stone House Collective helps us refresh the look with a few dos and don’ts… plus check out our style reminders to keep your home decor always on point.

best paint colors

Design: Stone House Collective

Mistake #1: Walls are painted in outdated colors.

Millennial pink, tangerine, light yellow, violet, and bright red are out, while more earthy tones are in, like this beautiful statement wall Franklin and team had painted in Shade Grown by Sherwin Williams. It adds a moody vibe that feels rich and modern, albeit farmhouse-inspired.

bedroom design

Design: Stone House Collective

Mistake #2: Using typographic signs in lieu of artwork.

Rustic typographic signs hint of a farmhouse decor past. “Although once a staple of farmhouse decor, replace typography signs with beautiful artwork that depicts a rural, landscape scene. In addition to being much more chic, these pieces will add a touch of color to an otherwise neutral aesthetic,” says Franklin.

coffee tablescape

Design: Stone House Collective

Mistake #3: Decor lacks authenticity.

DIY farmhouse decor like the faux-antique window pane with chicken wire or mason jars glued to faux-distressed barn board can scream a little too country. “Instead opt for vintage, antique finds with a rustic flair,” says Franklin. Look for a high-quality cream vintage rug; handmade, weathered pottery; and solid wood furniture. “Make a statement and incorporate an authentic, solid wood farmhouse dining table made of exposed wood. These dining tables are typically the star of the space, and will age beautifully over time,” adds Franklin.

farmhouse modern


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