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2 basic bookcases get a modern makeover

  • September 29, 2022
 Before and after Christina's bookshelf make

Before and after Christina’s bookshelf make

Granted we all need bookcases in our lives, but do we need unsightly ones? Negative. If you’re not in a position to buy brand new furniture right now, refinishing a bookcase that you’ve thrifted – or that’s already in your home looking worse for wear – is a very wise idea. Whether you want to restore an old piece or give a ‘modern’ piece of furniture that feels a little tacky, a new stylish lease of life, there are some hard, fast and simple steps to follow that will help you achieve your bookcase of dreams.

You could, of course, build a bookshelf from scratch, but if you like to go thrift shopping – who does not? – follow in furniture flipper Christina Lipstone’s footsteps to create a fresh new look for your bookshelf.

How to refinish a bookcase

In most homes, storage is pretty much always at a premium. Even if you have a big space, there is always something to stow away, or display. In Lipstone’s case, her bookcases were very much needed for storage. So they are a key storage item and totally worth investing some DIY time into.

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You may need:

1. A new paint color: Lipstone used Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black 

2. New ‘chair’ legs: Lipstone purchased these furniture legs from WEICHUAN in Unfinished Beech Wood from Amazon (5.5″ Set of 4)

3. Square Dowels for hardware: Lipstone used 1/2 ×12 inch Wooden Square Dowel Rod Sticks from Amazon.

4. Furniture salve: Wise Owl  is used here.

5. A sander: Lipstone uses Surfprep

6. Festool Dust Extractor 

7. A paint sprayer: The Homeright Sprayer is a great pick on Amazon.

8. Wood filler

9. Wood glue like Gorilla

1. Source your

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