Schuler’s turning long-vacant Marshall building into modern wedding, event space

MARSHALL, MI – As she looked at downtown Marshall, Sue Damron saw a need for a place where people could host weddings, corporate events and other celebrations.

So Damron, president/CEO of the historic Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub is creating one.

The company is calling the new space 19 Zero 9, named after the year Schuler’s opened. At 112 N. Eagle St., it’s just down the road from the iconic restaurant. Interior demolition in the building, which will become an indoor venue, began in March , Damron said.

“In Calhoun County, there’s a lot of opportunities to do things outdoors, with some of the barns and wedding venues, but we’ve really seen the lack of resources to be able to do an indoor event for a larger amount of people” Damron said.

Damron doesn’t know the full history of the building, but said it was built in the 1880′s and housed Dreamers Furniture and a Ford dealership many years ago.

Damron hopes to turn the old building into something cleaner and more modern. The project, which includes gutting the interior and putting on a new roof, is expected to cost $2.5 million and be complete by the end of January 2025, Damron said.

The first floor is expected to feature a large reception room accommodating up to 250 seated guests, restrooms, a kitchen and a soft-seating reception area for cocktails and appetizers, Damron said.

The second floor will offer bride and groom’s quarters, private bathrooms, offices and three additional hotel suites. Schuler’s Restaurant also plans to provide exclusive catering in the space, she said.

People interested in inquiring about an event can do so now on 19 Zero 9′s website. Damron estimates it will cost between $3,000 to $5,500 to rent the space.

The third floor of Schuler’s Restaurant was previously renovated and named The Royal Hotel to create five hotel rooms, helping to meet the need for more hotel rooms in the area, Damron said.

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“We’re hearing from some of our customers that they love the opportunity to be able to stay right in downtown,” Damron said, adding she is excited to bring another destination to Marshall’s downtown.

Albert Schuler opened Schuler’s in 1909 before he purchased the current restaurant building and hotel in 1924. That building was owned by the Schuler family until Damron acquired it in 2019.

The hotel atop Schuler’s restaurant hosted hundreds of visitors before it closed in the 1970s, leaving just the first-floor restaurant open for years. The second and third floors were used as storage and extra office space until the nearly $3-million Schuler’s Inc. Rental Rehabilitation Project in 2022.

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Seven new apartments also have been added to the historic restaurant building as part of the revitalization project. The apartments were completed in December 2022 and residents moved in during January 2023.

The Royal Hotel also opened in June 2023, and features five rooms on the third floor of the Schuler’s building.

“I’m excited about the impact we’re having in the community by being able to do the projects that we’re doing,” Damron said.

More information about Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub can be found on its website.

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