Ruslan Baginskiy Unveils Partnership With LuisaViaRoma

The Ukrainian headwear designer launches a collaboration with the Italian retailer

The Ukrainian headwear designer launches a collaboration with the Italian retailer

Located in Florence Italy, the RB X LVR collection is designed to be a portal between Italy and Ruslan Baginskiy’s home, exploring the beauty and nature of Ukraine. The collaboration includes a window display, Ruslan Baginskiy packaging and gift kit, and 7 new hat styles designed specifically for this collection.

“This project opens a portal from Ukraine to Italy. It’s made to tell you more about things that inspire me, things that made me the person I am now. Ukrainian culture, traditions, beauty, craftsmanship, and nature are an integral part of me, as well as of the RB X LVR Collection” Ruslan notes.

The shop reflects the national colors of Ukraine, painted in “brave yellow” alongside blue fabric hung to reveal a video made for the collaboration. Headlining in the video, Ukrainian model, Kateryna Zub, walks a path of a green wheat field and enters a yellow portal, transporting her into the Florence-based boutique.

Within the shop are 7 new Ruslan Baginskiy styles presented among Ukrainian home decor. The shop is designed to resemble a rural Ukrainian home, with hand-sculpted stools made of straw and tile cubes to represent a Ukrainian fireplace called ‘p’yetz’. “There is no future without a past. At a time when Ukraine fends for its history, culture, and life itself, we wanted to share a deeper, more personal story of our homeland; introduce something intuitive. Build a portal and dialogue in a language of genuine elements that everyone can understand” Ruslan comments.

The RB X LVR collection is available 01.07 – 14.07 at the Florence LuisaViaRoma store

– Via Roma, 19/21/r, 50123 Firenze and online at LUISAVIAROMA.

Credits: All images courtesy of Ruslan Baginskiy x LuisaViaRoma.

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