Post Courier Celebration Chimbu style


SIPUU! Sipuu that’s the chant in Simbu lingua to show appreciation or simply to say thank you.

The fore fathers of Simbu Province before Independence had greeted the first white explorers with these words and that is how the Province became Simbu.

And the young generation of Simbus, despite being more highly educated are still very proud of their forefathers and their traditional culture as displayed during the Independence celebration in Port Moresby last week.

Dressed in their Simbu regalia they celebrated the country’s 47th independence in style.

The province located in the middle of the country, has rugged mountains and terrains surrounded by pristine fast flowing rivers with unique flora and fauna. It is the home of the highest mountain in the country and the Oceania region.

Villages are headed by Chiefs, protected and defended by Warriors, fed and nourished by mothers from gardens on the slopes of mountains.

The younger generation are raised in Hausman and Hausmeri while their traditional Bilas is one of the most beautiful and colorful attires in PNG.

Young Simbus still respect that tradition and when it comes to cultural display the Simbus are usually the best.

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