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A mannequin dressed in a vintage pink blazer and pillbox cap “greets” guests inside the new location of Floor 13, a furniture and home decor store in Mid-City.

“That’s Belinda the Bellhop,” says owner and artist Holis Hannan. “She’s not for sale. She’s our mascot.”

Belinda is just one of the whimsical, vintage finds at the store, which is hard to miss with its exterior fresh coat of pink paint.

Belinda’s lair is decked out in colorful furniture, original art, retro home decor and second-hand collectibles that Hannan has gathered from hotels, estate sales and other markets. 


Holis Hannan of Floor 13 finds vintage and antique furniture at estate sales, hotel liquidations and other markets, often refinishing them with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. 

Since relocating Floor 13 from Harahan, Hannan has been organizing her new space by setting up a series of “vignettes” — rooms that correspond to a specific design style, such as mid-century modern, Victorian or shabby chic.

There’s even an area featuring a huge variety of vintage circus posters, striped furniture and other trinkets. She calls that the “Pontchartrain Beach room.”

“We’re kind of taking some inspiration from Wes Anderson, with a hotel theme,” she says of the store’s aesthetic, which is partially inspired by “Grand Budapest Hotel.”


A Pontchartrain Beach-themed vignette at Floor 13 showcases vintage carnival and amusement park decor.

“I took my whole staff to see ‘Asteroid City’, and we loved the color, the saturation,” she adds.

As far as the eye can see, whimsy abounds, whether it’s in the form of a pile of throw pillows depicting various animals, a golden lamp from the Ritz-Carlton repurposed with a handmade butterfly shade, or a rockabilly-inspired stenciled dresser. Statement pieces are everywhere, whether they are purely for function or for decorative purposes.

“We get the weirdest stuff,” Hannan says with a laugh. “We have really eclectic taste.”

Her store, in its soft opening, has so far drawn a variety of people, from designers and collectors to college students and neighbors, Hannan says. Over the past few years, she has also helped clients including the St. Vincent Hotel achieve an assorted yet curated look.


A refurbished dresser 

While her previous business model focused more on hotel liquidations, she turned to other means of collecting during the Covid pandemic.

“We went to auctions, estate sales, consignment stores,” she says. “We pivoted our model and started getting more of a variety.”

She also scours markets, goes to the famous Round Tops Antiques Fair in Texas, and pulls items from local estate sales.

Many of the items, including solid wood furnishings, couches and sofas, dining sets and more have been repurposed and polished by Hannan, a former teacher who has a background in fine art.

When local hotels get rid of their (often generic-looking) furniture, Hannan comes to the rescue, often repainting or refurbishing the items before re-selling them.

Sometimes she revamps items by adding, say, a bright color to a dresser, changing it from a serious-looking dark brown to a vibrant, sunny yellow. Other times, she’ll add some new hardware or drawer pulls, or maybe use stencils.

Hannan is also known for her expertise in upholstery, which she uses to transform something frumpy into a fresh, modern piece of furniture.

She likes working with vintage and antique furniture as a base. Older items, she says, have “good bones,” especially compared to mass-produced items from big box stores made from low-quality materials. Plus, used furniture is more eco-friendly.

“Everything was built so much better back then,” she says. “Also, where we are with the environment, you really don’t have to buy anything new. You can just keep it in service.”

She’s determined to keep quality items from meeting their fate in the dumpster.

“Keeping good furniture out of the landfill is what drew me into the business,” she says.


A shabby chic dresser at Floor 13 

Hannan isn’t a stranger to Mid-City. She lives in the neighborhood, and previously owned Canal Furniture Liquidators near Bayou St. John. But she lost most of her inventory in a warehouse fire in 2018, and later reopened in Harahan.

But a return to Mid-City was always the goal.

“I’ve been talking about getting back here since the day the fire happened,” she says.

Next month, the store will celebrate its grand opening on April 20 and the possibilities for the space seem as endless as Hannan’s imagination. Currently, it is open part-time and by appointment. (Check for hours.)


Belinda the Bellhop 

Hannan plans on hosting classes at Floor 13, in which she’ll teach people how to fix up furniture and learn the basics of upholstering and painting.

She also wants to turn part of the space into an art gallery, with rotating shows, in hopes of creating more of an art scene in the neighborhood. She hopes to bring other local artists into the mix.

“We want to bring the community, especially in Mid-City, together,” she says.

Floor 13 is located at 341 N. Hennessy St. For more information, visit or Instagram @floor13nola or call (504) 482-6851.

This story appears in the March issue of Gambit’s Details, a special section on home decor, design and more. 

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