Items to make home, garden pop this spring

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – Spring is officially here, and you can make sure you feel it throughout your home and garden with the help of Frazier’s Ornamental Concrete in Hempstead.

These are the top three things your home can use this season.

Manager Fernando Gomez says the first item on the list is a bird bath. Frazier’s has over 20 styles of bird baths that let’s homeowners decorate their yards while also providing a rest stop for their neighborhood birds. Not only that, they come in many colors and sizes. You can even get a customized paint job or an engraving of something special.

“We have them in different shapes, forms, and colors,” said Gomez.” We can paint them or finish them to match the decoration of your home. We have one that is decorative or some that are simple.”

Bird baths at Frazier's
Bird baths at Frazier’s(kbtx)

Another item that would make your home pop for spring is planters. Whether you’re growing your plants, flowers, or vegetables or just want to spruce up the front exterior of your home, Frazier’s has the perfect planter for your spring bloom.

“We have concrete planters and clay planters that can be finished in different colors to match. We also have glazed planters, and some of them are certified to withstand freezes. They are very durable, and their colors will last forever,” said Gomez.

Flower Planter
Flower Planter(kbtx)

The last item on the list is a whimsical garden statue. Frazier’s is home to garden décor, and Gomez says like the bird baths, the store carries a large quantity and variety of statues shaped as dogs, cats, rabbits, frogs, and many more.

“These statues add a little personality to your home, and these are keepsakes for the grandchildren and children.”


Frazier’s is eight acres of home and garden décor, open Thursday through Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and closed on Wednesday.

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