Furniture products created and manufactured in Romania

The Made in Romania collection from the portfolio of Mobexpert, the largest Romanian manufacturer and retailer of furniture and decorations, and an innovative brand with a tradition on the market, is at the top of customer preferences. About 60% of the company’s customers buy pieces of furniture and decorations made on the local market.


Willing to innovate, but also in the context of constantly changing conditions of the supply chain, Mobexpert has focused in the last year on the development of the furniture collection made in local factories in Târgu Mureș, Dej, Suceava, Bucharest and has invested in the design and production of over 15 new ranges of furniture and over 100 new models of sofas, armchairs, mattresses, and office chairs. Currently, 65% of all products in the Mobexpert portfolio are manufactured in Romania. One of the new furniture ranges is Wave, whose design is signed by the Mobexpert architect, Diana Marinescu.

“The products made in Romania have a great importance for Mobexpert, as they are created by our designers and made in our factories. We are constantly innovating because we want to be as close as possible to our customers and offer them quality products at fair prices. In addition, production in local factories helps us to constantly offer new, trending products with reasonable delivery times”, said Adelina Badea, Mobexpert CEO.

If in 1995, at the beginning of the production activity in our country, the company could deliver a maximum of 200 chairs and 20 sofas in a month, today Mobexpert can achieve this performance in about an hour.

About 700 employees work in the 8 Romanian factories of Mobexpert, which represent 30% of the total employers of the Mobexpert group. Experience, professionalism, and modern technologies allow the constant increase in the number of products manufactured by the company.

Mobexpert is a vertically integrated company that carries out the entire process locally, from product design and engineering, and production in Mobexpert’s factories, to the sale of furniture and decorations in Mobexpert’s brick-and-mortar stores and online store. To these processes are added personalized consulting services for fitting out as well as logistics and import activities, through a network of over 400 suppliers worldwide. Thus, the innovative business model of the company makes a difference in the Romanian furniture market.

In addition, by increasing productivity in its factories, Mobexpert manages to cover the preferences of customers in terms of furnishing, regardless of the style they prefer. From classic, romantic, or natural styles to pieces of furniture in contemporary, modern, urban or young living styles, all can be found in the Made in Romania collection. Thus, in the last year, the company has managed to launch at least one new product per month, created and manufactured inside the Mobexpert group. Most of the products launched recently are in a modern style and with multiple configuration possibilities, according to the latest trends and by the requests of Mobexpert customers.

Until September 28, all furniture and decoration products from the Mobexpert Made in Romania collection benefit from a 15% discount, both when ordering online on”> and in the stores in Bucharest and the country.

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