Furniture on Rent in Bangalore, A New Way of Living

Published: Updated On – 03:50 PM, Tue – 13 September 22

Furniture on Rent in Bangalore, A New Way of Living – Cityfurnish
Moving away from owning furniture and home accessories, the new generation of homeowners and renters are going for a furniture on-rent option.

Moving away from owning furniture and home accessories, the new generation of homeowners and renters are going for a furniture on-rent option. Your choice of furniture might be too costly, or you just do not want to own and move furniture when you are renting an apartment or house. Today’s generation is going for a minimalistic approach to living instead of owning and hoarding everything. Homes are no longer the only things you can rent, and you can now rent various things, from clothes to furniture.

Why is Renting Furniture So Popular in Bangalore? 

In metro cities such as Bangalore, people are already struggling to find spaces to live and pursue a livelihood. The cost of living is already high in such populous cities. A majority of the people who are currently living in Bangalore are people who have come here as IT professionals and stay in rented apartments and spaces. However, even if people live in rented spaces, they want pieces of different furniture to make their lives more comfortable.

For such people, furniture on rent, just like a house on rent, makes sense because they are not in the city permanently. People have to move around these days as companies have branches in different cities. Therefore, the permanent purchase of furniture does not make much sense.

However, furniture on rent is an easy option for such home spaces where the resident is temporary.  For the traveller or the free spirit, furniture rental services like Cityfurnish help achieve the goal of living anywhere comfortably. The renter does not have to take up full responsibility for heavy pieces of furniture or pay a lot as these services come at affordable prices. Many modern families and couples are going for furniture rental plans instead of complete ownership. Here are the reasons why furniture rental services are becoming very popular in cities like Bangalore.

Forego the Headache of Buying 

When you buy furniture, you take full responsibility for it, and you have to pay the whole price for the furniture. It takes a lot of effort and money to buy a piece of furniture. You have to go to different showrooms and online portals to find and buy the piece of furniture you want. Instead of buying and investing so much money in a piece of furniture, you can go for home furniture on rent in Bangalore. Furniture rental companies offer easy possession of the furniture pieces you choose at affordable rates. A few visits with the furniture rental company and you have a cozy home with the furniture you need.

Lesser Money Spent to Rent Furniture 

Of course, you can buy furniture nowadays on EMIs. You can break the cost down into installments and pay with interest. However, this eventually costs you more, and the furniture goes out of trend by the time you are done with the installment. You do not have to worry about additional costs or interests with furniture rental options. You have to only pay the rent every month. When you want to change the furniture, you can change it easily and take up new furniture. This way, your home renovation idea is easy to achieve. Financially and seen from the point of convenience, the rent option is better to explore.

No Shifting Issue

When you own a set of furniture, you sometimes own it for a lifetime. However, people have to shift from one place to another these days. Even if you are going to stay in Bangalore, you might have to shift houses in months or years. When you own furniture, you have to invest a lot in moving, shifting and reinstallation the furniture.

The shifting process costs a lot, and so does the reinstallation process. The process also takes a lot of time and manpower. If you are a frequently on the move or are at a place for some time, it is better to choose furniture pieces for rent. This will help you move without the stress of moving heavy furniture and reinstalling the same. You can let go of the furniture when you move and get new furniture again on rent with a new plan when you shift to the new place.

The rental company will also help you install the new furniture with ease. This reduces your moving baggage considerably.  On the other hand, even if you are going to sell some furniture when moving, it is a cumbersome and long process. You will not get the same amount that you spent on the old furniture. If you sell the furniture, you have to buy new furniture at the new place.

This is again an additional process with additional costs. This will lead to unnecessary expenditure. Why go for so much hassle and so many entailed costs when you can simply go for renting options with your desired furniture?

Stay Ahead with Furniture Trends

Just like any other product, furniture trends change from time to time. If you are into home design and interiors and love to live in a contemporary home space, renting new pieces of furniture from time to time is a better option. You can press the refresh button on furniture anytime when you are renting furniture. You do not have to get into the costly cycle of selling and buying furniture for home remodelling. Simply choose the pieces of furniture you want from the Cityfurnish and go for the rental plan. Home renovation and ambiance change are now easy with the rent option for home furniture.

Furniture on rent in Bangalore is easily available with rental service companies like Cityfurnish. Instead of worrying about the budget when buying, simply browse the rental plans on their portal and choose the pieces you like. The company offers great rental rates and quality furniture to its clients. Choose the easy, contemporary way of living instead of bearing unnecessary burdens.

Explore furniture rental plans with a reliable furniture rental company today. Aside from furniture rental services, the company is expanding its footprint in the furniture markets. And after growing its business to 7+ cities and establishing a new trend for rental furniture and home appliances, the brand broadened its services by launching Zior, a new online furniture purchasing company that allows you to not only buy furniture online in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Gurgaon but also have it customized.

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