Dwellify Brings Digital-First Home Remodeling Service to Utah Homeowners

Survey shows remodels in Salt Lake City rarely go to plan, Dwellify aims to change that

SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dwellify, a new digital-first kitchen and bathroom home remodeling service, announces today that the service is now available in Utah. New research found that nearly half (43%) of homeowners in Salt Lake City have regretted not working with a professional service when remodeling their home. Dwellify’s one-stop-shop process combines features such as a free, AI-powered design quiz, an HD room visualizer tool, and a mobile app to guide homeowners through a step-by-step process for turning design dreams into a reality home remodel from start to finish.

The Dwellify Process

Dwellify is a project management hub providing updates on expertly curated design recommendations, floor plans, and timelines throughout the process. Homeowners will have direct access to Dwellify and local contractors ensuring clear, stress-free communication. Dwellify Home Transformation Specialists manage the project timeline, purchase materials, secure permits and more, allowing for a more streamlined process.

“Dwellify provides expert interior design recommendations, materials sourcing, and client and contractor relations, helping take the guesswork out of what is a traditionally disjointed home remodeling process,” said Greg Larson, CEO of Dwellify. “These services ensure that every homeowner feels confident about their design choices, the quality of work, and their financial commitment.”

Dwellify offers different level pricing packages – Original, Plus, and Premium – to ensure homeowners can find remodeling solutions that fit their budget. Homeowners working with Dwellify get a firm project budget before demolition that will not increase throughout the process due to accurate estimates made possible by third-party data analytics and 3D measurement capabilities. With HD visualization technology and a custom Dwellify design box to sample material selections, homeowners can see exactly how the materials will look when installed. Dwellify also provides financing options to ensure that customers can achieve their design dreams and pay over a period of time.

Salt Lake City Homeowner Survey

According to a survey by Wakefield Research for Dwellify of 100 homeowners in Salt Lake City who recently undertook a kitchen or bathroom remodel project, Salt Lake City remodels rarely go to plan. Homeowners are overwhelmed, over budget and out of time, with only 38% feeling completely satisfied with their finished project once it’s been completed.

Many homeowners underestimate the time and cost of a bathroom or kitchen remodel. Most Salt Lake City homeowners (65%) say their project took longer than expected, and nearly as many (58%) say it also went overbudget, making cost one of the most overwhelming parts of their remodel project for more than two in three (64%). Other key findings include:

  • Homeowners want a hand in the process, but not all the responsibility. Salt Lake City homeowners like to get into the mix, with most (61%) doing some or all the project themselves. While 30% hired professionals for part of the project, 31% did all the work themselves or with family and friends, which may be why 62% of them were less than completely satisfied with the results of their remodel project.

  • Professional help is valued. Having a professional on hand would alleviate much of the burden homeowners face. Nearly half (43%) wish they had hired some type of professional for an aspect of their project.

  • Homeowners want to stick to the plan. With the proliferation of cost and extended timelines, most of the remodel projections did not turn out as planned. Less than half of homeowners (45%) say their remodel was exactly as expected, and more than a quarter (28%) felt they had to settle with the end result.

To get a free project estimate or work with Dwellify in Utah, visit dwellify.com. The new Dwellify home remodeling app will be available in the Apple and Android App Stores later this month.

About Dwellify:

Dwellify is a “one-stop-shop” home remodeling experience, guiding homeowners through a step-by-step process for turning design dreams into their dream home. Dwellify’s turnkey technology and design-driven experience combines interior design, materials sourcing, contractor relations and project management, all with a commitment to transparency, reliability, and collaboration.

Survey Methodology:

Online survey by Wakefield Research for Dwellify to 100 Homeowners in the Salt Lake City DMA and 100 Homeowners in the Phoenix DMA that completed a kitchen or bathroom renovation in the past 2 years.

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