BenchMade Modern Crowd Pleaser Bed review

Ordering a bed on the Internet is no easy task. An investment in your comfort, sleep quality and overall well-being, it’s a process that demands time, dedication and thorough research. So when I decided to purchase the nearly $3,000 BenchMade Modern Crowd Pleaser Bed, it was with the solemn knowledge that this splurge was going to be life-changing.

As the director of social here at CNN Underscored, a bed is not just where I sleep but a workspace and a hub for much of my daily activity. Whether I’m cocooned in blankets scrolling through TikTok or perched on a pile of pillows with a laptop, I take my bed extremely seriously.

I chose the BenchMade Modern Crowd Pleaser Bed because in addition to being fully customizable and handcrafted in the US, the company is also known for its short delivery time, which in the days of post-Covid, supply-chain woes, is worth a consideration. Here’s everything you need to know about this buzzy, design-forward bed, even though it won’t come cheap.

The BenchMade Modern Crowd Pleaser Bed may be a splurge, but its solid craftsmanship, full customization and quick delivery time is well worth the cost.

Having previously tested a sofa from BenchMade Modern, I was well acquainted with the seemingly unlimited customizable design options and the no-hassle delivery and assembly process — both invaluable aspects when shopping for such a large piece of furniture.

The Crowd Pleaser Bed goes beyond a mere bed frame. And for the price, this makes perfect sense. Seamlessly blending functionality with a solid sense of sturdiness, it is handcrafted with double-strength slats, so it feels solid and unmovable, no matter how many people, kids and even pets pile on to it. The high-quality bouclé fabric is soft to the touch and the bed’s slightly rounded edges protect you from getting bumped and bruised when it’s dark. Another feature you won’t find with most bed frames.

It’s this combination of structure, material and finishing details that helps to evoke a stress-free space, giving me a needed feeling of peace, no matter what time of the day or night it is.

The bed comes with two matching lumbar pillows for extra support and features an angled, alcove-style headboard. Acting as the bed’s main focal point, the headboard’s design also provides privacy while helping to block errant light and sound — making it a practical pick for light sleepers like me. And when it comes to customizing your personal design, the part of the bed frame shopping process I most looked forward to, BenchMade Modern offers an unparalleled selection of textures and colors to choose from.


Yes, I’m well aware that there are plenty of other bed frames to choose from that easily fall well under the $2,5945 price tag. However, I also know the savings come with a tax on your time. For instance, popular options like Ikea and Urban Outfitters may be more affordable, but they oftentimes take up to six months to get delivered, come in a million pieces, aren’t customizable and, worse, are definitely not built to last.

Though there are other bed frames on the market that are made to order, BenchMade Modern lets you choose from over 100 fabrics and leather options, with more choices added every few months. You can also pick from three leg finishes — Espresso, Honey and Stained Walnut — and after tons of deliberation, I ultimately paired the Soho Agora bouclé fabric with the Stained Walnut leg, mainly because it complements most of my other furniture.


Of course, you’ll also choose your ideal bed size — from twin to California King — as well as customize the height of the headboard. And then you get to decide if you want a platform bed or wish to add a footboard. I live in a small city apartment, so adding some height is not just a want but a true need. With this, I can store bins, boxes and anything else I want to hide away underneath the bed. I also went without a footboard, simply because I like the way it looks.

Once you’ve finished designing the bed of your dreams (or once you’ve dreamed up your bed), BenchMade Modern gives you a choice of two tiers of delivery service. For $249, Standard Threshold brings the furniture to your front door, garage or specific area of your building, while the $399 White-Glove further includes unwrapping, assembly and cleanup.

Despite my usual reliance on Task Rabbit for most of my standard assembly projects, I found that most people might actually consider skipping (and saving a little extra) on White Glove, as it’s easy enough to unwrap, assemble and clean up the mess you leave behind on your own. This is a project I’ve never taken on due to complicated instructions and a multitude of tiny parts (I’m looking at you, Ikea), but the bed was delivered in four, neatly wrapped parts, and to my surprise, it took me more time to unwrap each piece than it did to put them together. Each piece was light enough for me to handle on my own, and all I needed to do was match four color-coded parts, then secure them in place with a small nut wrench (included).

As a final step, I also had to screw in the Stained Walnut legs and add four fabric-covered sheets of wood, which provide extra support for the mattress. Most importantly, my custom Crowd Pleaser Bed was delivered to my doorstep in less than three weeks. And in these times of supply chain nightmares, it felt unheard of.

Once the bed was fully assembled (thanks solely to ME), I couldn’t wait to jump in. The thick, ivory bouclé reminded me of a beloved childhood teddy bear, and I know from other purchases that the soft fabric also holds up to heavy use. In fact, since I’ve had it, the fabric hasn’t ripped, torn or stained, even with my dog’s inevitable scratching and a few unexpected spills.


As someone who’s always been budget conscious when it comes to shopping for big-ticket furniture, I’ve often found myself frequently replacing purchases due to typical wear and tear. However, when considering this expensive bed, it’s worth acknowledging that its lasting durability justifies the splurge — at least for me. The website says, “Be 100% sure with free 1-on-1 design help, lifetime warranty & our 100-day in-home trial,” so I felt even better about investing upfront in a custom, handcrafted bed that’s built to last a lifetime.

But what really blew me away about the Crowd Pleaser Bed was the level of customization available as well as the super-straightforward assembly. Unlike many big-box retailers, BenchMade Modern’s offerings of over 100 high-quality fabrics and styles, and the minimal parts to put together, is simply incomparable. By skipping the pricier White Glove service and sticking to a simple hands-on approach, this experience wasn’t just unique; it was genuinely enjoyable. And for anyone who has spent way too much time and energy on Ikea-level assemblies, I can assure you that this is well worth the extra you’ll pay for an already outstanding bed.

In the end, however, the most important thing has been the noticeable improvement in my sleep. Unlike my previous bed, which annoyingly rocked back and forth, the well-constructed bed frame has provided stability and support for my mattress (and my back). Its light-blocking features, courtesy of the wingback headboard, have helped me fall asleep faster too. Is the Crowd Pleaser Bed worth the price tag? Rest assured, I’d say so.

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