7 ways to make your house have a warm and cozy feel

Walking into a comfortable home after a tough day or long trip is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Did you know you can make small adjustments to increase that inviting, cozy vibe in your living space?

Whether it’s a house in the suburbs, a condo in the city or a place along the waterfront, small touches can make your home even more inviting — and there are cozy home decor items available for all types of budgets and styles. From swapping in some soft lighting to adding more texture to your sofa cushions, here are seven ways to create a welcoming ambiance.

Think Feet First


Warm up your floor — and your feet — with small area rugs and runners placed throughout your space. If you have wood or tiled floors, you can set down a small rug in front of the kitchen sink and next to your bed, and put a runner in your hallway or entryway. The added texture warms up the atmosphere, and having an added soft layer underfoot can help keep your feet from getting too cold.

Adjust Your Lighting


Whenever possible, it’s best to avoid single-source overhead lighting. Go with an abundance of task lighting, table and floor lamps instead to create clusters of illumination. If recessed lighting is your only option, consider changing the lighting temperature. Changing cool-temperature bulbs for warm-temperature bulbs adds a warm and cozy glow.

Incorporate Different Textures


Whether it’s with a knitted pouf, a hand-woven pillow or a leather armchair, adding a variety of textures to a room can transform the space from feeling meh to warm and cozy. Pillows, bedding and rugs also offer great opportunities to incorporate layers of texture. Different fabrics, such as velvet, chenille and chunky knits create an inviting atmosphere, and even other decor items — like ceramic planters or mirrors with metallic frames — can introduce new elements to the room.

Find A Scent That You Associate With Home


Smell is the strongest sense tied to memory. Fresh fragrant flowers, incense, scented candles and DIY potpourri set a welcoming vibe from the moment you walk through the door, and remind you that you are really home. When choosing a signature scent for your space, think about the smells that align with your own self-expression and what you’re looking to convey. Are you drawn to laid-back, earthy aromas or bright, refreshing scents?

Add Visual Memories


Frame vacation photos, set out travel keepsakes and display your favorite postcards from friends and family on the fridge, mantel or bookshelves. These daily reminders of good times and meaningful relationships will make your heart happy.

Bring In A Blanket


Extra blankets bring warmth to your room both visually and physically. You can throw one over the back of the couch or set one out at the end of your bed. If you tend to feel chilly more often than not, opt for an electric one. The best electric blanket will feel soft to the touch, offer multiple heat settings and include built-in safety features.

Change Curtains


If you have thin drapes or blinds, consider changing them out for thick velvet curtains or a darker light-blocking drape. Curtains made from more substantial fabric can keep your house better insulated, and they can add warmth and interest to the room. You can also play with light and dark colors in the room to provide some contrast.

Do these ideas inspire you to add some warmth and coziness to your space?

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