5 Gorgeous types of couches and sofa styles to make your living room from drab to fab

The couches are the cosiest and quintessential centrepiece of the living room. Right from Netflixing and chilling to chit-chatting with the guests, we usually spend most of our time curling up on the couch and therefore it should be super comfy, cosy and stylish to bring out the best appearance of your living room. Couches and sofa styles that carry the contemporary touch and blend well with the theme of the room impact your overall décor while making it aesthetic and stylish. While there are tons of options available in the market to pick from, do you often feel confused about how to choose the perfect one that fits well in your living room? Here is a list of 5 gorgeous sofa styles that you must know about and which would perfectly fit in any living room, making it drab to fab.

1. Luxe velvet sofa

The glossy sheen, the soft silky texture and the rich feel of the velvet sofa can easily transform the look of your living room into an extremely posh affair. Not only the look, but its soft and gentle suppleness can make your lounging time comfortable and intimate. Make your casual gatherings and evenings relaxed in the classiest way with a velvet sofa.

Luxe velvet sofa

2. Loveseat sofa

The loveseat sofa holds a crown-like back and super stylish feet that will definitely add up to your décor. It is a mini sofa that can take up to two-three people and are available in multiple fabrics. You can choose the type and style as per the theme of your living room. Loveseat sofas are quite soft, subtle and emanate class and indulgence.

3. Classic Bridgewater sofa

With a very simple shape and great space, your living room can never go wrong with a classic Bridgewater sofa. The sofa contains low arms, a tailored skirt and a soft back that can effortlessly jazz up your living room setup. It has that modern vibes affix to it that delivers a pretty and warm welcoming feel. You can customize the cushion configuration as per your need. Bold colours and vivid patterns can opt for a more vibrant touch.

Classic Bridgewater sofa

4. Tuxedo sofa

Tuxedo sofas blend well with any living room since they make a strong statement with their diamond-tufted appearance. The tuxedo sofas have sexy high arms, deep seats and wrap-around design and enough space that a whole family can fit in. This sofa needs larger space to fit in properly but its upright boxy shape can add a liberal touch to your surroundings.

Tuxedo Sofa

5. French Cabriole Sofa

Bring a twisted elegance with romance to your place with this curvy French cabriole sofa. It consists of a wood frame which boasts of appealing carvings that can be painted as per your liking or left as it is for a more nude and natural touch. The back of this couch is a little bent backwards which aid in its sitting space. Opt for a single bench cushion for contemporary appeal and chic vibes.

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