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Interior Designers Reviewed the Best Furniture Brands, so You Don’t Have to

  • June 30, 2023
best furniture brands

The 23 Best Furniture Brands for MenCourtesy of Retailer

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A man is whatever room he walks into, as the adage goes, especially when it comes to your home. Studies have shown that decorating our space can relieve stress and boost our mood. And for the past few years, most of us have been spending more time cooped up around the house. We’ve turned our bedrooms into offices, learned how to cook in our kitchens, and made our living rooms into part time gyms. That’s why there’s never been a better time to upgrade our furniture.

With so many great furniture brands on the market, we enlisted the help of some interior designers, decorators, and guys with great taste to cut through the noise and find the best furniture brands to shop now. Among them is Brian Garcia, a designer at D&G Interiors + Design, who has seen a recent uptick in male clients. “Typically they’re focused on having pieces that are well made, look good, and versatile,” Garcia says. In other words, top-notch furniture that can pull double duty on function and style, especially for city dwellers who want to make the most out of their limited spaces. Whether you’re looking to overhaul your bachelor pad or simply want to make your home a little more cozy, these 10 best furniture brands will improve any room.


Price: $

Buying furniture to fill a room can cost a fortune, which is why stylists recommend this budget-friendly line of contemporary, down-to-earth bed frames, sofas, and more home essentials that come in plenty of colors and patterns to spruce up any space. Novoragatz’s couches look great and are actually comfortable (a rarity at this price

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The best stores to shop for Midcentury Modern furniture in Los Angeles

  • June 29, 2023

Whether you’re looking for an introductory Saarinen tulip chair or a $16,000 Mario Bellini modular sofa, there’s no better place to shop for Midcentury Modern furniture than Los Angeles.

The golden age of furniture design (which spans the late 1940s through the early 1970s) is more popular today than ever thanks to its simplicity and adaptability, says Christian Boehr, owner of the vintage showroom Atomic Threshold in Monrovia.

“The nicely proportioned scale, along with classic lines and great build quality, allows these pieces to be well integrated in current design schemes without being overpowering or too homogenized,” says Boehr.

In other words, Midcentury Modern furnishings — many of which are still in production today because of their timelessness — are suitable for any type of decor.

Although you can shop for Modernist furnishings online, via Facebook Marketplace, at local flea markets and on Instagram, there is nothing like being able to test out furniture in real life to see how it looks and feels.

“People like to come in, see the items and try them out in person,” says Tricia Benitez Beanum, founder and creative director of Pop Up Home in East Hollywood.

Here we offer a list of 18 stores in L.A. where you can bring your tape measure, inspect the goods and sample the seating. Before you head out, here are a few things to note:

Don’t be put off by showrooms that are open by appointment only. Many of them are run by limited staff or one person. I found it easy to email businesses and arrange a showroom visit.

Also, double-check store hours before you head out for the same reason. And finally, keep in mind that vintage furnishings aren’t cheap. Therefore, connecting with dealers in person may allow you to strike a deal.

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Furniture in Fashion Introduces Affordable and Stylish Modern Furniture Collection

  • June 26, 2023

London, United Kingdom–(Newsfile Corp. – June 16, 2023) – Furniture in Fashion, a leading online furniture store in the UK, is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest collection featuring affordable and stylish modern furniture. With over 16 years of experience, Furniture in Fashion continues to be a go-to destination for customers seeking high-quality furniture at competitive prices.

Furniture in Fashion

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The new collection showcases a wide range of furniture options designed to cater to diverse tastes and lifestyles. From modern living room furniture sets and packages to contemporary dining table and chairs sets, customers can find the perfect pieces to enhance their home decor. Samantha Thacker, spokesperson for Furniture in Fashion, expresses enthusiasm about the collection, stating, “We believe that everyone deserves to have a beautifully furnished home without compromising on quality or breaking the bank. Our new collection is curated to meet the demands of today’s customers who seek both style and affordability.”

As a standout feature, Furniture in Fashion offers an extensive selection of white high gloss coffee tables, sideboards, side tables, and lamp tables that add a touch of sophistication to any living space. The company takes pride in their range of comfortable corner sofa collections available in leather, fabric, and velvet, ensuring customers can find the perfect seating option to suit their preferences. Samantha Thacker further adds, “Our goal is to provide furniture that not only looks great but also offers exceptional comfort and durability. We want our customers to feel proud of their furniture choices.”

In addition to their living room and dining room furniture, Furniture in Fashion offers a comprehensive selection of bedroom furniture, including discounted white bedroom furniture and sets with matching bedside cabinets and chest of

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Ten Years of Solid Metal Craft for Modern Interiors

  • June 25, 2023

Ten Years of Solid Metal Craft for Modern Interiors

In 2013, home fashion label Buster + Punch emerged from a garage in East London, with a refreshing stance on everyday detailing and fittings that elevated them into desirable and trendy pieces.

The brand’s founder Massimo Buster Minale was renowned for his work as an architect by day and maker of custom motorcycles by night – the latter sold from the garage a few hundred yards from his London flat. His motorcycle clients began commissioning one-off interior pieces and detailing for their homes. Minale had always struggled to find premium hardware and fittings for his architecture projects for Richard Rogers and Foster & Partners and now saw a clear gap in the market. 

Ten Years of Solid Metal Craft for Modern Interiors - Image 5 of 7
The brand’s range now stretches from ruggedly handsome sockets and switches through lighting, furniture and accessories to LED light bulbs. Image Courtesy of Buster + Punch

Extraordinary attention to detail

Buster + Punch was rooted in Minale’s love of hand-crafting custom motorcycles and his passion for architecture and design. A decade after its launch, the brand is now synonymous with solid metal collections that span lighting to furniture, accessories, hardware, a bespoke kitchen and its ground-breaking electricity switches, dimmers and sockets. It has also reimagined the LED light bulb, introducing a range of new forms and softening the usual stark, bright white to a warm glow.

It’s a journey that has put hardware, detailing and fittings on par with statement pieces of furniture as key considerations for architects and interior designers

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Here’s Some Modern Pet Furniture That Won’t Make Your House Look Like an Animal Shelter

  • June 24, 2023

Most pet accessories are built for functionality and not aesthetics, but there’s a new generation of designers trying to remedy that.

One of the most pressing questions you ask yourself before getting a pet is, “How in the world will I keep my house clean once I invite this literal animal in to share my space?!” Animals are territorial by nature and in this case, “animals” includes us, the owners and caretakers. What’s mine is mine, and what’s theirs is theirs, but eventually what’s ours actually becomes theirs, leaving little evidence of a home that once exuded magazine-like cleanliness. After Spot, Rufus, Noodles, and Daisy move in, all of the areas of the house fit for entertaining begin to resemble a playroom and function only in this hybrid zone of shared living space between you and them.

Many designers are beginning to pick up on the decades-old dilemma of how to make a pet product that isn’t ugly, and also functions well enough for pet owners and their pets to love it. Pet owners everywhere are starting to modernize their approach to living with pets, reducing the stigma of pet ownership as an unclean practice. Whether your furry friend walks on four legs or hops with two, these chic and stylish furniture pieces will be sure to assist in blurring home-contained territorial lines while also providing an upgrade to that giant Tupperware container in your kitchen, that tall carpet-covered cat tree, or that play pen covered in hay and paper shreddings.

Big Furniture (a Commitment)

Bink Rabbit Credenza

The Bink Rabbit Credenza is a functionally wonderful piece of furniture for our little rabbit friends. As a rabbit owner myself, it is extremely hard to find rabbit hutches that are appropriately sized and designed for the mental health of my rabbit.

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What type of patio furniture can I leave outside in winter? The best materials to buy now that you won’t regret later

  • June 23, 2023
 An outdoor seating area

An outdoor seating area

While your patio furniture may not be used as much in the fall or winter months, you still need to ensure it is well taken care of, to ensure it lasts until next season at least. By leaving it completely unattended and by not winterizing the pieces properly, your precious dining or lounge sets could get damaged. This is because many furniture materials aren’t meant to go through the freezing and thawing, along with snow, sleet, and rain, that comes with winter.

To help you understand what type of furniture can last longer and how to take care of it, we spoke to top designers for advice. Pay heed to these key suggestions and ensure your backyard and patio furniture is always in peak condition for years to come.

What patio furniture can be left outside in the winter?

An outdoor wooden dining table

An outdoor wooden dining table

If you spend a lot of your time in your outdoors during spring and summer, you must invest in quality modern outdoor furniture so it can last you year after year. Purchasing well-designed and thought-out furniture with durable materials also means you can relax, and don’t need to dedicate too much time to maintaining or restoring them. Whether you have a patio, balcony, or backyard, your outdoor living room setup has the potential to last 5 to 10 years down the road.

‘When it comes to outdoor furniture, certain materials are more durable and require less maintenance than others,’ says Kashi Shikunova, director of Yam Studios. ‘While high-quality teak or cedar wood can withstand outdoor conditions relatively well, they still need regular attention to maintain their appearance and durability. On the other hand, aluminum or concrete is generally more resistant to damage from exterior elements. Items such as tables, which don’t

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27 Contemporary Midcentury Modern Furniture Ideas That Don’t Cost a Fortune

  • June 22, 2023

Design is cyclical. Once-popular movements often find their way back into mainstream trends, and midcentury modern furniture is one of the styles experiencing an unparalleled resurgence in popularity. Emerging during post-war America in the mid-1940s, the design movement is defined by clean lines, a somewhat futurist aesthetic, and an emphasis on functionality—think earthy wood tones, sleek lines and organic shapes, and leather and plywood textures. 

But let’s be real: Not everyone can afford an Eames lounge chair or a Florence Knoll couch, especially if you’re a recent graduate or on a tight budget. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy midcentury modern aesthetics—precisely why we’ve rounded up 28 midcentury modern best sellers from a range of stylish and affordable decor and furniture stores below. 

Under $50

Walker Edison Mid Century Hairpin Metal Frame Square Modern Side Accent Table

If you’re looking for a catchall to organize your magazines, vases, or cups, this metal and wood side table does the job while adding just the right amount of texture to a small space. 

Mid Century Modern Rectangular Pillow

No home is complete without a few good throw pillows. Dress up your couch with this simple retro-styled design that will instantly make your minimalist space feel homier. 

Hearth & Hand Metal & Faux Leather Mail Sorter Tan/Brass

This understated mail sorter is ideal for cluttered spaces. The faux-leather compartments and brass-finish metal frame make it feel both elegant and timeless. 

West Elm Mid-Century Wood Lanterns

Light up your deck this summer with these smartly designed mango wood lanterns. They’re ideal for creating an ambient setting so you can enjoy those leisurely summer evenings while sipping a cocktail outdoors. 

APICIZON Black Rattan Nightstand Bedside Table

The rattan detailing gives this mini side table an airy and organic feel. And at under $50, we

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Sustainability in Design: Exploring Heller Furniture’s Commitment to a Greener Future

  • June 19, 2023

June 12, 2023

On a recent episode of the Spec’d Out podcast hosted by Specrite Interiors Principal Owner, John Erbstoesser, John had the chance to sit down with John Edelman, President and CEO of Heller Furniture. Erbstoesser and Edelman dove deep into the captivating world of Heller Furniture, the renowned furniture design company. Founded by Alan Heller in 1998, the company has carved a niche for itself in the realm of innovative, durable, and modern design. With a focus on producing timeless and iconic pieces that push the boundaries of traditional furniture design, Heller has set a high benchmark in the industry.

Alan Heller’s inaugural product, the Bellini chair, designed by celebrated Italian designer Mario Bellini, is an icon in the world of furniture design. A notable feature of the chair is its thin yet dense legs, a feat achieved by leveraging gas-assisted injection molding technology. With several collaborations with illustrious designers and architects like Doug Garofalo and Frank Gary, Heller has been instrumental in creating a portfolio of products that are nothing short of design masterpieces.

During the podcast, Edelman extolled the virtues of Heller Furniture, particularly its strong commitment to durability, recyclability, and sustainability. By manufacturing all their products in the USA, Heller ensures prompt delivery and contributes to local economies. Their proactive stance towards recycling is another reason why designers and furniture partners consider Heller a go-to solution. Notably, the company’s rocking chair comes with a non-fungible token (NFT) that provides life-long recycling instructions. The two also discussed:

1 – Heller Furniture’s Innovative Design Approach: John Edelman, CEO of Design Within Reach and Edelman Design Group, highlighted Heller Furniture’s distinctive design methodology that combines modern aesthetics with practical functionality.

2 – Sustainability and Local Manufacturing: Heller Furniture is

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A Modern Mediterranean That Epitomizes Miami Beach Luxury

  • June 18, 2023

In classic Miami Beach style, this luxe house has water and city views, palm trees planted all around the property and a modern, neutral palette inside.

Dubbed La Joya, this six-bedroom, six-bathroom house at 2901 Flamingo Drive in Miami Beach, Florida—once asking $15.5 million, and now sold—features a first floor with a great room with 20-foot ceilings and large windows, and an all-white kitchen with an attached dining room.

The waterfront home features a casita for guests or parties

The kitchen has top-of-the-line appliances, lots of marble throughout, and a classic chandelier that serves as a nod to more traditional style in an otherwise modern room. It also has dual sinks, floor-to-ceiling cabinets, a built-in TV screen and a floor-to-ceiling wine cooler that’s accessible via a library ladder.

The home’s interiors are neutral, with lots of grays and whites and stone floors. Surrounding palm trees add pops of colors from the windows. The modern furniture, all staged by Meridith Baer Home, was all available for sale, for under $300,000.

More: Tampa Bay’s Most Expensive House Sums up the Metro’s Vexing Inflation

Upstairs, there’s a lofted hallway, with views down into that 20-foot-high great room below. There’s also a primary bedroom suite with an intricate wallpapered ceiling, and a primary bathroom that features chain link light fixtures that match the chandelier in the bedroom, dual sinks, a soaking tub and a shower with lots of natural light thanks to two windows. There’s also a large vanity area for putting on makeup and doing hair in style.

The backyard features a pool and overlooks 300 feet of waterfront.

There’s also a separate casita on the property with its own private entrance, views of the waterway, a kitchenette with a mini fridge and living space, and a bedroom suite

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Best Patio Furniture Sales June 2023

  • June 17, 2023

Summer officially begins next week, so it’s time to start updating your outdoor furniture if you haven’t already. After all, the right pieces can turn even the smallest balcony or a sparse patio into a relaxing private escape. Whether you’re seeking a comfortable chaise to lounge by the pool or a chic dinning set fit for hosting, the current patio furniture sales will help you get what you want for a little less. We’ve rounded up the best outdoor furniture sales below.

If you want to create a luxe escape without the lavish price tag, you’ve come to the right place. Between upcoming summer sales and warehouse clearance events, now is a great time to score major savings on outdoor pieces without sacrificing quality. Check out the best patio furniture sales below from top retailers including Arhaus, Frontgate and West Elm.

The Best Patio Furniture Sales You Can Shop Right Now


Take up to $2,200 off all of Frontgate’s outdoor furniture right now or shop its clearance section to save up to 70%. All of its patio furniture sets ship free, too.


This seven-piece dining set is made of solid teak and weather-resistant woven wicker. It’s highly rated by Frontgate shoppers for being durable, comfortable and looking great in person.


You can always count on Amazon to offer great discounts and fast shipping, including on outdoor furniture. The retail giant has a ton of top-rated options available for well under $1,000 if you’re looking to update your yard on a budget.

With its plush cushions and deep-set seats, it’s easy to picture getting cozy on this conversation set. Reviewers praise it for being comfortable and

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